About Last Night


The other night there was a gun violence “debate” at the Wisconsin Black Historical Museum. Sadly people still think if we add hundreds more laws to the books regarding guns, they will magically disappear off our crime ridden streets. Do people really believe that?

Beloved in order to rid our community of guns we need to replace that gun from that hand by putting something of greater value into that hand. The guns being used in the Black Community to date are almost always illegally begotten and never conceal carry or purchased through legal channels. Get real.

We need jobs, we need to educate, we need to give moral compasses to these people. Right now these guns are their economic empowerment and their everything that we are not providing them. Therefore when we meet in buildings continually whining over the same bull it goes nowhere.

Now our Black elected want to take the debate back to Madison. Why? We did that before and it resulted in Representative Jason Fields cussing the entire Wisconsin Congress out. Remember? He had to because they simply did not care. Now we are going to do it again, bringing Black drama to uncaring White folks. Do you really think they will care? Sure they will pass another meaningless law. Meanwhile we will bury more of our dead and march with broken hearts to funeral homes and grave sites. Our streets that used to be filled with Obama signs ironically are now filled with worn out memorials and businesses and vacant homes riddled with bullet holes. Yes this is the answer! Let’s go back to Madison.

How about we take off our bougie suits, fake smiles and get in these streets? Stop posing for cameras that is all you are doing these days!! Why not get to talking to these people running the streets, the gangs, the drugs, the violence and ask them what they want from us, from Madison? Why are we talking to ourselves? Are you scared Black elected and NAACP, MICAH, 100 Black Men, and every other group that claims they are here to serve? How many are you mentoring this year? When is the last time you sat and talked with the kids in MPS GED-2 program? When is the last time you attended an after school session and dealt with that situation? When is the last time you visited a group home, shelter and talked to families in McKinney Vento?

You do know we are not bringing guns into the community so maybe you may want to see about that? Blacks do not fly planes nor do we have the means or capabilities to import them in massive quantity and illegally so if you are going to inflict silly laws start there. Hola!!

So I say all that to say we need to get back to basics. After celebrating MLK’s 50th anniversary of his Dream speech. Maybe it is time for you all to get real and find your moral compass. Your allegiance to making sure the Black Community does not have one certainly has paid off and ya massas must be so proud. You have done well to uphold those who paid big money to buy your seats. We are a lost people in almost every way thanks to your help. The next time you meet in a building and decide that is where you want to spend your time, if someone should die by the use of a gun, know that their blood is on your hands. Get in these streets cowards!!


Peace Family,