Cream CIty Radio

On Wednesday October 16 Cream City Radio will launch in Milwaukee WI. As an African American owned media outlet we realized that there is a silence in our community when it comes to issues that are of a conservative nature.

Personal Responsibility is a corner stone for what we are building through this station to include its music, talk show hosts, and sponsors.

Cream City Radio will look to service all communities and give a perspective that is really missing in South Eastern Wisconsin. Poverty is a state that affects all communities. There are many reasons for this. Lack of education, lack of morals and ethics, as well as a decline in family structure are just a few.

Through our broadcasts we will look to uplift, inspire, educate, and promote a positive community in all areas of not only Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, and all points around and between, but to the world at large.

Being a media outlet broadcasting via the internet gives us flexibility and control that comes with much responsibility. Through our website at, our mobile app, tunein app, itunes radio, and a host of other broadcast points we will be able to reach an audience that is starving for this type of programming.

Our focus is on YOU and giving you the tools, information, and news that can literally change your perspective and life for the better.

Join us and be a part of what is truly is movement towards more people accepting Personal Responsibility for the course and outcome of their lives.

Welcome to Cream City Radio.

Earl Hall Show

The Earl Hall Show

The Earl Hall Show helps you realize ethical answers for life’s toughest situations. Through open discussion we can all see the honest and moral solution. Tune in Monday-Friday and be a part of the conversation.