It’s Easier to Come Out Gay Than As A Conservative of Color!

Earl Hall Show

On Wednesday Oct 16th at 8 pm Cream City Radio is Coming out!  Milwaukee is a city that has NO Conservative voice of color on the radio.  The Earl Hall Show will change all of that with the help of Cream City Radio.

Cream City Radio has a mission to bring a message of Personal Responsibility, ethics, morality, and integrity to people in a city that shouts them down, disrespects them and belittles their beliefs.  It is a real situation in Milwaukee where people of color literally live in fear to be known as a Conservative.  Hence the reason for the title of this blog.

All over the country people of color with conservative viewpoints live in the shadows because of fear and not having a safe place to voice their views and opinions on an array of topics.

Cream City Radio is and will continue to be that safe place to land.  Through our talk shows and social media communications the Conservative of Color will finally have a home.

Cream City Radio is a 24/7 radio station that Milwaukee and the world can access.  Through our online broadcast at, TuneIn app, iTunes radio, and a host of other applications you can tune in from ANYWHERE.

This radio station uses the state of the art equipment and technology to broadcast.  Centered in Milwaukee WI it is uniquely suited to answer the call to provide this type of program to all people and all walks of life.

Also if you tune in you might catch your favorite super hero fly in for a quick pit stop before she hits the streets to fight crime. Hope you will join me in welcoming our newest Black voice in Milwaukee media. We need to support all our Black media as we have so little of it around. I hope you will tune in.


Peace Family,


About Wonder Woman

I am just your ordinary observer by day and freedom fighter by night! My home away from the invisible jet: Follow Me "@Wonder2Woman" on Twitter!! Or on Facebook @
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One Response to It’s Easier to Come Out Gay Than As A Conservative of Color!

  1. Earl Hall says:

    Its time for all Conservatives of color to come out of the closet!!

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