Black Conservatives Tell US Who WE Are

This video clip supports my last post…WE have people who see themselves more aligned as a political party than as Black People. This is very telling how these panelists sit on their high horse talking about Black people as if they have been enlightened and are no longer Black. WE are conservative! WE are progressive! Listen to these people talking about Black people vote primarily based on race. How insulting and ignorant is this? Just look how comfortable they are in speaking about Our People as if they have transcended US.

I’m this I’m that…not once do they say I’m a Black Man first. I love my people first. Nope, I love the constitution, I love being a conservative…

These people want to convert you to convert to being a conservative voter, not a conservative person…this is about how you vote people. They even reference that Black People already have the values and morals of the party they just don’t vote like we want them to. Yet, they say liberals/progressives are your slave masters. Both sides want to own your vote isn’t that the truth. If you have morals and believe in the same God as them why don’t they see you as equal? Because they want to have you vote for their people. Keep it real with Black People.

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5 Responses to Black Conservatives Tell US Who WE Are

  1. Wonder Woman says:

    I like this post because it gives me a chance to explain phonies from the real deal. We have some in our own community. One recently has left but he seems to resurface unfortunately.
    Some on this panel are people who I think have ulterior motives. They are not people looking to help change the urban areas from which many of them came. They are only looking to seek fortune and fame. They do harm to true Black Conservatives who are in the trenches. Fakes can be found wherever there is a camera, twitter feed, or YouTube, etc.
    The difference between them and true Black Conservatives are that we truly want to offer up differing solutions based on the solutions we have seen from the other side. Solutions we think that have been tried and failed and are political in nature. I may not always be right, but my passion for my community is always at the heart of my actions.
    In the host’s closing from this segment she gives it away when she says something to the fact that even in her home town of St. Louis that she sees “no REPUBLICAN offices or bases.” She told on herself and they all agreed with her, also telling on themselves. A true conservative does not want to offer up the Republican Party as a solution. It is not the solution to inner city problems, no party is. They may be able to work with us to try and change things or implement legislation that might benefit us. In the end a party will never solve anything. These men say they want smaller government but they really want to be players in the game. It is hard to trust them because everywhere I look these particular men are always “peddling” their message to the white man looking for approval. I never see them in the streets delivering their message. I see them on FOX and their own shows. And on their shows where they get to make a case without anyone stopping them, from the hood; the hood is noticeably absent.
    A true Black Conservative is a person who is on the frontlines, working in the urban areas they come from. Being part of the Drum allows me to write about my experiences as a Black Conservative woman (biracial really). Being in my community and working with people is what I do first that is where my experiences come from that I write about. Thanks to Drum they thought enough of my commentary they gave me space to write. Giant and Steele might be regretting that now. LOL!! However it is my community activism that comes first and what I know.
    These panelists get so much air time on these types of shows because they throw our people under the bus every chance they get. That is the first dead giveaway for calling out a fake Black Conservative.

  2. Keith says:

    Wonder Woman, I totally agree with you. I think any party that continues to tell black people how to vote instead how to make a better lot in life are doing us a dis-service. First, this table of black men need to stop looking for a secret left agenda or boogeymen. This plays into identity politics something that can breed tribalism. Second, stop with the litmus test for the current conservative party. I hate that conservatism is defined by what white males see as important gun rights, abortion, etc. Third, the discussion, in my opinion, should center on what conservatism offers to our communities, families and ourselves. It should not be an indictment on what the left has or has not done, “finger pointing” is a waste of time and energy.

  3. LuLu d. says:

    You are wrong about what the Different parties have to offer. First and foremost is education. Nothing can move forward with out an education, What party is in favor of school choice and private schools? What party is in bed with the Teachers Unions? Which party favors life over death (abortion)? Which party supports smaller Gov. with less rules and regulation to promote business and jobs? Why don’t Republicans go into the inner city, because of you care more about race than the values that promote education and jobs. Until the Black community gets serious about out of wedlock children and their Baby daddies. Two words that make me sick. You keep contradicting yourself. As the people in the group say, you don’t vote for values. Well I guess thats why the Black community votes Democratic because the Dems. have no values, Abortion, fine. welfare, fine drugs fine out of wed lock births, fine. no school choice, fine. I am a Conservative, i vote for conservatives not race,not religion. not male or female. You can blame the Republican party if it makes you happy but in the long run we ALL make our own problems and we all have to fix our own problems,

  4. LuLu d. says:

    Society in general, all people that don’t take the time to educate themselves on the values that each party has. If the Democrat of all kinds in Milw. can’t see what is going on with St. Marcus then most of Milw. deseverse what it gets, Now the SEIU is writing laws, really!! You keep on voting for for a Board of Supervisors that are in bed with the Unions so they can keep their cushy jobs and the Hell with the people. A Mayor that wants to waste money on a stupid trolley or what ever he calls it!! The rest of the State is sick of sending you money to pour down all the rats holes in Milw. Keep voting Democrat. The top 10 poorist cities are run by Democrats and Unions. Maybe we should let Milw turn into the swamp that it was once was. It would save the rest of the State a lot of money. There are none so blind that those who refuse to see. Go Barrett!!!!!

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