It ain’t that easy, yet it ain’t that hard…who are WE? What are WE? Who do they say WE are? Who do WE say WE are? Who do WE want to be? How do WE get there? WE are…

Take a quick look at this video clip from Spike Lee’s greatest film “Do The Right Thing” and pause.

This clip (in just 2:22) says it all and answers my questions above. Think about it, in a Black neighborhood exists a thriving business owned by a non-Black person. WE are employed there, WE spend our money there and yet WE feel disrespected by the owner. When questioned by a faithful customer (Buggin’ Out), the proprietor (Sal) has his Black employee (Mookie) throw his Black customer out of his business. Now, while in front of the store Mookie and Buggin’ Out (who are friends) begin to talk. Mookie is upset and asks Buggin’ Out to calm down and stop messing up his employment situation. Buggin’ Out rejects that logic and argues that he is right in questioning Sal about the issue of respect for Black customers spending money at his business.

My favorite line from this movie or from any movie is uttered by Buggin’ Out at the very end…”Stay Black.”

This is where I begin. WE have lost our way a long, long time ago. WE (like in the video clip) have to be reminded to Stay Black. What???

Look at US…WE are democrats, conservatives, independents, insert your religious affiliation, insert your fraternal/social organization membership, etc. WE have allowed ourselves to be labeled and WE have so labeled ourselves. It has become a way to further separate ourselves from each other…WE don’t even see it. Every day WE take to blogs, TV, radio, print and social media professing our loyalties to ideologies which do US greater harm than uplift US. Yet, WE don’t even know it.

WE don’t even want to think of ourselves as one, he/she isn’t like me because he/she voted for so-and-so. WE cannot accept our brothers/sisters because we project negative stereotypes upon others because we don’t align politically, spiritually, socially or educationally…I ask what kind of MADNESS IS THIS???

WE have taken our beliefs in the Body Politic and used it as a weapon to war on each other. WE have joined parties and camps which don’t rely on your support nor welcome it and WE fail to even know it. WE are a reckless and dangerous group of people because WE willfully controlled by systems bent on our destruction.

This is what WE need to do. First, look at the needs of OUR PEOPLE for they are many (education, employment, family, economic development, etc.). Second, commit to doing something (not talking) about freeing our people from the dependency (politically, economically, educationally) of systems designed to profit from our struggle. Third, start being with Our People and building relationships with US. Fourth, evaluate and assess what it is you have done (and will do) to advance the survival and status of Our People.

Stay Black.

G –