Uncle Ruckus of the Week: Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Did you ever see the Dave Chappelle Show and catch the skit of the Blind, Black Racist? No, don’t worry because I’ve posted a video of a person who is not just against his own people, he hates women. For this, he is my Uncle Ruckus of the Week. Did I mention he is also conservative and a tea party fellow?

“…Thank God for slavery.” Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson


The ladies of The View have some words for the good reverend.





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4 Responses to Uncle Ruckus of the Week: Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

  1. earlhall says:

    This guy seems as bad for us as anyone of color on the LEFT talking nonsense! I had to go and watch some of his other clips on youtube cause I just could not believe this. It is things just like this that make it had for any decent conservative of color to be taken seriously. It also angers me that people like Sean Hannity keep putting him out front. You really have to ask yourself why. Truly and Uncle Ruckus!

  2. Wonder Woman says:

    Sometimes you have to shake your head and wonder is the need for attention so bad you’ll say and/or do anything just to get some “face time?”
    However why do we keep giving these crackpots the attention they so desperately seek?
    He is pathetic.
    “A tough ride over here?” If we could drop him back in that time period, I bet he wouldn’t be talking such foolishness! What a fool!

  3. nowafonseca says:

    The media has obvious control over what information we “the masses” are supposed to have. You can find this daily by where they position events in the newspaper or by how much face time they give a particular topic. In this case, since American are polling against “progressive” policies, the media is setting the stage with old favorite propaganda weapons known as “controlling the message” and “demonizing the opposition.” By selecting someone who says crazy things to represent an entire group or idea, the media can now “prove” that (in this case) conservative, tea party leaning people are now racists, sexists, you name it. All the establishment needs to do is call someone a member of the tea party, tea party backed, or a conservative to make people go running from a candidate. People begin to tune out the message or credentials of someone because they hear a negative label attached to him or her regardless of facts. It keeps citizens in their pre-drawn party lines safe and sound without ever having to critically examine evidence as a responsible citizen should. The Rev. Peterson’s argument doesn’t do anything except give those who would keep everybody in mental slavery weapons to use against us.

  4. LuLu d. says:

    To bad that the Black community does not condemn Pres. Obama’s ancestor’s who were slave sellers. They vote for him instead. The Dems. have done nothing for poor people of all colors, but the poor still believe their lies. Sell empty schools so that Private schools can not open them to more minority students. It seems the the power structure cares more about their power than helping minorities get a good education. Keep voting for these creeps. Asa the saying goes, you deserve the Gov. you vote for. I do not have any sympathy for the inner city.

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