Caly Kris

Photo courtesy of Porchlynn Wilson

The horrible irony in all of this is that Gray Jr. is the cousin of outspoken community activist Tory Lowe.  Tory fights tirelessly against this very thing and is victimized personally by the very crime he tries so hard to prevent. In an interview I did with Tory Lowe, he expressed many of the same sentiments about his cousin as others did. He also shared that Christopher was a positive person who focused on moving forward and celebrating life. “He would not want people shedding tears about this. “ Lowe said.  “He was a good organizer and loved to see people enjoying life having fun.”

Tory Lowe said something most important, “we must be active in our community against violence or get gunned down.” It is a very turbulent time right now in Milwaukee. We must help this family find justice. We must start coming together to find solutions to bring about a change. This was a positive young man who brought joy to so many who leaves behind two loving sons Chris and Chance and a tightly knit family….

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