Good points of view go unnoticed most of the time during racial dialogue. I wonder why is that? Maybe because humanity cognitive abilities are theorized then actualized by human-engineered environmental forces that shape each individual living soul on earth to conform to, or reject established social orders.

It’s natural (under the present world order) for humans “designed” comfort zones, e.g. poverty, wealth, social class statuses, religions, nationality, race or color of skin differences to converge in conflict (violent or otherwise) in any given society when competing for limited resources under divisive barriers previously mention above. Individuals that unlearn socially engineered ideologies that are corrupt with evil intent or bearing injustice outcomes live their lives to change established authorized and recognized corrupt systems. Rarely these people become leaders of men but at their deaths, they are honor by the broader society as humanly unique people rather this quality dwells in every living soul.

It is my humble opinion, to undo or reverse this chaotic mess we call life would require a paradoxical process change in the cognitive thought process of “every” living soul on our planet.

Furthermore, I suggest, Nelson Mandela underwent this cognitive process change while serving 27 years incarcerated in solitary confinement.

This is why humans void of compassion for their fellow man regardless of differences and circumstances shared by humanity are awed at the “goodness” Mandela embodied when released from prison in 1966. Every enemy of Mandela was looking to see a broken man, who escaped the hangmen nose, but humanity recognized an example of one man triumph over unjust societal forces. What the world later witness in Nelson Mandela was a complete and almost perfected human being practicing the lost art of forgiveness and reconciliation in a national leadership position in the same system that 30 years prior judge him to be a traitor and enemy of the Apartheid State of South Africa, an established white supremacy system (s) controlling humanity affairs.

Goodness for the sake of quantitative human goodness witness in the souls of humanity is visibly rare and unpracticed in this violent world. Most times exclusively attributed to unseen Gods, Saviors, and Saints humanity worships and bow down to in sanctimonious hypocrisy. It is really a wonderment in the midst of all the violence and human bloodshed by man-on-man when a person like Mandela, overcomes inflicted suffering at the hands of an unjust and designed (White supremacy) social order.