The F.O.I at one time was consider, a Black man’s Army with military type structure and training within these United States. During the early and mid 1990’s the F.O.I., marched across this Nation backing Minister Farrakhan, promoting / advocating “Stop The Violence” (Black on Black gang warfare and the senseless killings in Black communities.), “Men Only Meetings,” which both reinforced manhood and the role of Black men protecting the Black woman, children and the community. These two F.O.I. campaigns eventual target was the “Million Man March” held in Washington D.C. on October 16, 1995.

What happen afterwards down to the present day is up for debate between Black men in America. But the results of Black Leadership not galvanizing cultural Black Unity under the Flag of Black Power, cannot be put on the doorsteps of our many enemies against the rise of the Black man and woman here in North America.

The evidence in the present day state of our community and lack of group awareness points the finger at the failure of Black leadership over-all dysfunction to communicate effectively, and separately in a social / civic way to call the Black masses in America to set up Group Unity over all social obstacles against our uniting.

In other words, we as a people here in America have too many self-appointed and otherwise appointed “Chiefs.” All with separate self-serving and systematic agendas that conflict with the concept of “unity,” in a Nation where group unity insures greater success of its members in the society.

The work of the F.O.I. presented Black America with 2,000,000 Black men willing to take instructions on that day. From Black Leadership gather and addressing a crowd of powerful black men that day on October 15th 1995. Primed and ready to create our long over-due group empowerment… right in the face of the society bent on destroying our group unity. But what we have today is the continuous status as second class citizens. Poster child scapegoats grouped recipients status… for American social inequalities which the end results are high poverty, high crime and bad health in our communities all across the Americas urban social landscape.