Governor Scott Walker’s machine officially was working in January 2011. Wisconsin lost 141,000* private sector jobs before Governor Walker took office. Hopefully, both political sides can agree the 141,000 jobs lost estimate is authoritative and reasonably true.

Scott Walker great promise of creating 250,000 jobs during his 2010 run for the Governor seat obviously garner support from the majority (52%) of voter’s, which won him the Governor seat in January 2011. Wisconsin has gained more than 104,000* private sector jobs since Gov. Walker took office, which is possible, a matter of mathematical opinion. Do both political sides agree so far?

If so, I might lose a few of you in the following statements.

When compared in mathematical terms of plus and negation the truth of the matter looks like the equation featured below.



It appears to me (“reality speaking”) Wisconsin job market remains in a hole, or experiencing limply growth in view of my suggested mathematical terms of job creation under Scott Walker Governorship.

In my humble opinion Scott Walker Governorship and policy making from the start is comparable to “Snake Potions” promising to cure illness, but only providing some to not any relief from the symptoms due to illness.

In terms of job creation during this Great Recession, Governor Scott Walkers and the state GOP pacification of his great promise of creating 250,000 jobs in the first term has not happen and the odds are against the Governor reaching his goal of creating 250,000 jobs . What’s more importantly is its clear for all Wisconsin residents eyes to agree with Wisconsin’s free-falling national ranking of 37th** in private sector job creation. Scott Walker promise(s) was charming but politically poisonous to Wisconsin job growth.