The Curious Case of Corey Stingley

One cannot help but wonder what Corey Stingley was going through in his last moments of life. Would any of those adults come to their senses to allow him to breath? Would the store owner pull them off of him and help save his life? Would a bystander watching in the wings assist him? After all it was a few lousy bottles of alcohol we are talking about. Material possessions easily replaceable unlike Corey.

As a mother with three sons and one daughter, I thank God every single day and night for the blessings of returning my black sons especially back to my loving care. I feel so horrified and sorry for the Stingley family who does not have this blessing anymore. In this city and state it is quite a blessing indeed! Unlike other states and other cities, in this region of the country, Black mothers and Black fathers know all too well it is not an “accident” misfortune, or happenstance that our babies get shot, choked to hell, or whatever should befall them on their way from Point A to Point B. It is the nature of living in a very racist and segregated state.

So here we are again with death number three. We are still questioning the losses of Derrick Williams-MPD, Brandon Johnson-Milwaukee County Behavioral Complex, and now Corey Stingley. Those are the deaths we KNOW of to date. We cannot see in the video what is happening to Corey exactly. We can just make out a struggle and we are told a blow was delivered to one of those in the melee. We have yet to see the black eye resulting from this fight supposedly and if he did get one in good for Corey! He was out manned 3 to 1 after all! However we are relegated to witness testimony and the witnesses state that they were choking the “hell out of him!” Funny though in the county inquest those witnesses have recanted their stories. But using my powers of deduction I can guess that West Allis rallied around their three “heroes” and got those witnesses to “firm up” their stories to make sure they would not bring any question of guilt upon these men. The only thing that boy did wrong that day was be Black in a very white area and make a very youthful indiscretion. His price for doing something that many young men do was his life. Ask Senator Chris Larson and matter of fact where is he on this issue? If anyone knows anything about youthful indiscretions he would be the one!

I don’t know about you, but like I said at the start, my kids have made a few dumb decisions in their lives. As a mother I thank God they are brought back to me all the time!!!!! When I was a youth, I did some dumb ish. I never had to pay for it with my life thank God again. I learned from it. I still make a mistake a time or two truth be told. I get a reprimand or a warning, never been asked to lay down my life nor did anyone try to cause too much physical harm unless I start on my political mantra. However that is for another day.

Our unification via protest for and with this family will only go so far. We need our elected and leaders to voice our concerns and be active leaders of change. However other than Supervisor David Bowen and a few others, I see no support for them with large pulpits and access to massive media and attention we need to start reaching the masses. This must change. We need those who are on “blackout” because they do not want to get involved due to April/August elections to GET INVOLVED! This is what you signed on for so be about the business of the people.

Sadly again here we are over another dead body asking for justice. From 1970 something to 2014 the life of the Negro in this state and this city has not improved by that much. Time for a change? Hell no, time for a revolution!

Peace Family,