When a people or race creates a word like “Degenerate” to classify the man made condition of dehumanizing another particular group or race. Than the people/group/race take on with pride the label Nigga/Niggers/Negro that separates them from the rest of humanity. They began living up to the classification of “Degenerates.”

Nicki Minaj and other Rappers, e.g. Jay Z, Kanye West, etc. etc, should not be a signal to show public outrage from Black conscious advocates when one of our group icons is disrespected. In this particular case I have in the past taken objection to entertainers use of the so-call n-word on stage, cinema and music.They are and we are, as a group/race in an overall condition of degeneracy. http://youtu.be/sJ5i-PV7WSI

Awake and non-awake alike in our group, regardless of personal social status also use this derogatory word in private from the public eye. How many of us refer to our people as Niggas? But believe somehow our personal status lift one above the overall group conditions.
The word degenerate came into the French languages about 1600 est. or in the same century during the Transatlantic Slave Trade which caused and effects the beginning of the degeneration of our group. When the Blackman lost and was stripped of knowledge of himself and kind he became a victim of degeneration.

Now here we are in 2014. One hundred and forty nine years living as free men and women here in America arguing pros-v-cons of the (non-existence sanity) word Nigga. Even most the children of our “old” open enemy publically today is disgusted with the word, but yet our own old and children take pride in the word. And somehow, beyond my rationale, find comfort in its use and find condonement / excuses for the user’s and individuals use of the word Nigga.

The Black conscious saying, “We Are Our Own Worst Enemy,” needs to be apply in the case of the word Nigga and deserves total group condemnation. Please kill the use of the word amongst us!