Local Media “Shock News” Surrounding Superintendent Gregory Thornton! WHY?


I question why local media is attempting to create a shock event surrounding Gregory Thornton departure. From MPS to more than likely, another State in the Union with a School District juggling the shameful limited allocated tax dollars to American Public Education compared to government spending on the Military and Prison complexes.

In my opinion and observation of G. Thornton, regardless of his performance he has been honest about setting roots her in Milwaukee since he arrived. “In a Journal Sentinel interview in 2010, Thornton said the chances of his tenure in Milwaukee matching the eight-year run of Andrekopoulos were unlikely–The average term for an urban superintendent is about 21/2 years.”

The question is why was he hired four years ago? It appears his short tenure has been like a two-edged sword that served its purpose. Oh how we forget past events that matter in the present day. Remembering the political atmosphere when the City Government–Mayor Barrett and Willie Hinds was attempting a takeover of MPS. Thornton even back then prefered that folks not pin their hopes for change on him alone as stated in an interview back in 2010..http://www.jsonline.com/news/education/102707844.html. What type of change was he referring to would have been a relevant question to ask.

In 2010 I believed Thornton was a hired  “Hatchet Man” to further the dismantling of MPS to make way for “Force Public School Privatization” which is happening across America but Wisconsin is the bedrock of the movement. It turns out Thornton was more a “Patch Man,” that eased the transition locally of the transfer of Public Education to Private Education, in part at least.

One example of Thornton efforts is getting MPS budget in balance while under State pressure from Governor Walker’s Act 10 Legislation and State and City proponents for privatization of government institutions. Wisconsin Act 10 Legislation couple with Milwaukee Public Schools reformation initiatives in my opinion this duality of policy making and public office leadership resembles national occurring policy reforms supporting the long-held belief of laissez-faire capitalism and its strong resurgence the past 34 years.

I must admit, I do not know for a certainty Mr.Thornton social-economic beliefs which leads me to objectivity question his leadership role in where our country appears headed if capitalism is not fully governmentally regulated to prevent / reduced the social-inequalities being reported today in our society.

The mother of the “School Choice Reform” retired Annette Polly Williams, renounced the school choice reforms happening across America. Why would Annette P. Williams renounce a reform she so vehemently advocated for traveling across our Nation and abroad during the early 90’s? I worked with Annette P. Williams and her assistant Harry Hartwell locally back in 1992 when she pushed School Choice. The legislation today is not all that she hope it would be to bring real school choice for parents and their children. Backed by tax dollars following students to schools of parental choice had far-reaching social-private implications. Mrs. Williams was not privileged to know during her advocacy for School Choice Legislation. But those organizations that supported her knew then exactly their future plans, if successful, once capitalism got its greed into the American citizens tax coffers distributions, held in trust by government bodies.

Gregory Thornton planned departure is here but local news media reports as though its surprised. Local media know full well, MPS now has a balanced budget and control over its fiscal future. Thanks to Mr. Thornton. See link…  http://marquetteeducator.wordpress.com/tag/mps/”\

I would hope the community view his departure better than local news media suggesting or misleading the public to believe somehow Mr. Thornton actions are unprofessional. As though he was some hired lap-dog straying from the yard later found by new owners.

About Mr. Tony Muhammad

My published opinions, commentaries, and reports are inspired by my life experiences, human events, and historical research data. Now available on the World Wide Web which allows a living Black man today no excuses for remaining in a cognitive state of ignorance​ in America. Reader's may take me to be a racist and divider of common causes and problems all people share in the broader society rather my intentions are not to incite divisions that already exist in our society and political spectrum but to press on the conscience of my group members the role of unity in providing social balance in a competitive society and culture as found here in America. A Black man life in America is unique and distinctive from other races in the society. Honest race dialogue is neglected but needed between the Black and White races here in America to solve the root adversary between the races. I only expose Black thoughtful perspectives about historical and present day events in our society that exacerbate Americas race problems. I am a SPIRITUAL WATCHER, of humanity unequal social balances between the races. When the scale of the dissatisfied weight heavier than the scale of falsehood, which is implanted in the minds of the people they will eventually rise up in opposition against whom or whatever they perceive to be the oppressor. On the other hand, wick powers and people are prepared to crush organized marches and protests demonstrated by the awakening masses they deem revolting against the established world order. If only the masses would turn towards "righteousness" the ills of this world would disappear. Thereby, taking power from those who rule by mass deceit and trickery. Righteous conduct practiced by men and women sacrificing, personal desires to possess inordinate quantities of material things for the betterment of one’s brother and stranger, is the power that will revolve the miserable condition of man, women, and child on this planet. Most all religions of the world are corrupted by the power of false doctrine that sways their followers. A six lane crooked road has been built down the straight path of man which is righteousness. Humanity is intoxicated by all manners of misconduct and non-productive behavior. I write to usher in a righteous world without excess but balance. I do realize first darkness must be dispelled by righteous men and women working together to build and grow a righteous humanity that dispels darkness from the minds of the people / masses by active examples. Only time knows the circumstances that will usher in the light of truth into the minds of humanity. I write and wait for that glorious day.
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