The number one rule in American Democracy is  Majority rules. For most legislation to pass in the halls of American government 2/3 must vote and the most “Yay or Nay” pass or defeat proposed legislation. It’s not enough for Black people to just unify for the sake of race alone because what good is race unity if it is not organized from a seat of Power and Authority.

Black unity needs organization mobilized and centralized. Example, the Mormons unified than mobilized their unity than centralize it to Utah. Black people need to do the same here in America. Yes we have a Black President today, cities with Black Mayors and City councils but the White Majority in America controls Federal and State affairs. So it’s not enough in these times, nor was it in the past for us to integrate with the Majority group that controls American society.

The task of…

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About Mr. Tony Muhammad

My published opinions, commentaries, and reports are inspired by my life experiences, human events, and historical research data. Now available on the World Wide Web which allows a living Black man today no excuses for remaining in a cognitive state of ignorance​ in America. Reader's may take me to be a racist and divider of common causes and problems all people share in the broader society rather my intentions are not to incite divisions that already exist in our society and political spectrum but to press on the conscience of my group members the role of unity in providing social balance in a competitive society and culture as found here in America. A Black man life in America is unique and distinctive from other races in the society. Honest race dialogue is neglected but needed between the Black and White races here in America to solve the root adversary between the races. I only expose Black thoughtful perspectives about historical and present day events in our society that exacerbate Americas race problems. I am a SPIRITUAL WATCHER, of humanity unequal social balances between the races. When the scale of the dissatisfied weight heavier than the scale of falsehood, which is implanted in the minds of the people they will eventually rise up in opposition against whom or whatever they perceive to be the oppressor. On the other hand, wick powers and people are prepared to crush organized marches and protests demonstrated by the awakening masses they deem revolting against the established world order. If only the masses would turn towards "righteousness" the ills of this world would disappear. Thereby, taking power from those who rule by mass deceit and trickery. Righteous conduct practiced by men and women sacrificing, personal desires to possess inordinate quantities of material things for the betterment of one’s brother and stranger, is the power that will revolve the miserable condition of man, women, and child on this planet. Most all religions of the world are corrupted by the power of false doctrine that sways their followers. A six lane crooked road has been built down the straight path of man which is righteousness. Humanity is intoxicated by all manners of misconduct and non-productive behavior. I write to usher in a righteous world without excess but balance. I do realize first darkness must be dispelled by righteous men and women working together to build and grow a righteous humanity that dispels darkness from the minds of the people / masses by active examples. Only time knows the circumstances that will usher in the light of truth into the minds of humanity. I write and wait for that glorious day.
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  1. allseeingeye7000 says:

    It saddens me, as an African, that we have, in the Americas, allowed ourselves to stray from our innate collective family/community construct. We are forced to learn again the significance of our historical unity. Our civility has dualistically impacted our existence. On one hand we possess the moral obligation to respect others and their ways. Unfortunately my people are the only ones disseminating morality. We have suffered the injuries of our battles in this nation both psychologically and physically. We still are”equating success with concessions.” For Africans to prevail in any part of the world, we must refuse to focus on anything outside of our specific needs. Our mistake has been the miss use and erroneous application of principle. True integration is only established when two peoples have equally established powers and from that reality, can come to mutually excepted practices within society. Assimilation is integration out of balance. It is the affect that occurs when the disenfranchised mingle with those in power, the outcome is representative of the will of the powerful. Our people have to fix our minds first, we have to define our culture first, and then we can establish the unity needed for growth & development. But under assimilation we have surrendered collectivism for the material adornments of individualism, all at the expense of cultural dissolution. Until defining who we are is no longer tertiary, we will continue to be the product of our current existence, a divided people and perpetuators of foreign cultures. No team is successful without the desire to meet common goals. We must give back that which is not ours, for if we possess land and bring this current reality with us, we then would be the colonizer. For the strong need not manipulate the scale of balance to expose their strength, they use balance to allow the weak to expose themselves.

    • Mr. T says:

      Land in the context of this article does not necessarily imply land or nation outside the continental US. Black people are right in asking for land within these U.S. Better yet, we do not have to ask for land. We have the resources and intellects to perform a migration to whatever State in the Union we decide. Sounds impossible does it. Well thats how others came to America. Those like the Mormons and Quakers set out with that type of determination to develop a land they could call theirs.

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