The number one rule in American Democracy is  Majority rules. For most legislation to pass in the halls of American government 2/3 must vote and the most “Yay or Nay” pass or defeat proposed legislation. It’s not enough for Black people to just unify for the sake of race alone because what good is race unity if it is not organized from a seat of Power and Authority.

Black unity needs organization mobilized and centralized. Example, the Mormons unified than mobilized their unity than centralize it to Utah. Black people need to do the same here in America. Yes we have a Black President today, cities with Black Mayors and City councils but the White Majority in America controls Federal and State affairs. So it’s not enough in these times, nor was it in the past for us to integrate with the Majority group that controls American society.

The task of Black people truly unifying seems impossible because our population is divided spiritually and physically in America. What we lack that the White Majority group has is a “Manifest Destiny or “Creed,” binding our group to us, regardless of our various adopted ideologies and social factors. Not a manifest destiny or creed based on trampling the human rights of those not in our group but one of respect and mutual concern for all of humanity.

What we need foremost is land our group dominates seven to one over any other group in America. We do not have that nor has it been encouraged. Think if our group during the great migration had centralized our movement to say three or four particular States in the Union. Gained and held control of the governing of those States. Made them attractive and sustainable under the Constitution of the United States. More than likely in this present time we would not be divided having divisive debates among us about our group political and physical survival today and into the future.

As a matter of fact, America perhaps would not be on the course of destruction it seemingly rides. If it had or fulfilled its responsibility of a complete and protected freedom in this American Society for its Emancipated Slaves and “Us” the Descendants of X Slaves.