Why is it (rhetorical speaking) that we as a racial group in the American society only organize after civil rights and due process of the law been violated by societal systems and representatives active in miscarriages of justice and fairness against our group and members? When will enough be enough?

Group unity with personal member’s loyalty to the group preservation is the “Power Base” not established yet, but often attempted in the Black American Experience. The Power of Unity would prevent the constant aggression, oppression and double standard social targeting against Black / Brown Americans. America is not a color-blind society, nor for that matter is the world.

Skin color blindness is a pipe-dream filled with false hopes, e.g. “Can we all get along? American and World History couple with present day societal events between the races with shared various ideologies answers that question with a resounding NO! Until humanity over-all accepts the new rationale or ideology of One Race–The Human Race; It is imperative that our group in particular unite separately in the American Society. On all social fronts active in every social institution in the American Society. Or we will perish or stay oppressed and complicity responsible for our continue group degeneration.

Our group integration into the American society is aggressive to the dominant society dictated by Constitutional Laws & Amendments. The dominant members / group society refuses overtly and covertly to accept Black Americans as equals in the society. Regardless of their US Constitution and added Civil Rights protection amendments. The 149 year old American experiment of integrating the Black man and woman into the American dominant society has failed.

The dominant members of the American society control all social institutions. Active with that control is their ingrained and perpetuated group prejudice against Black Americans. No civil laws, public policies and rules written in the past or present have affected or changed this socially ingrained prejudice against Black Americans.

Black Americans, if you continue as a group with foolhardy complicity in your group degeneration, you will perish and stay oppressed in the American Society. It is imperative for these times that Black Americans unite to end the social ills that plague their communities.