Why is it (rhetorical speaking) that we as a racial group in the American society only organize after civil rights and due process of the law been violated by societal systems and representatives active in miscarriages of justice and fairness against our group and members? When will enough be enough?

Group unity with personal member’s loyalty to the group preservation is the “Power Base” not established yet, but often attempted in the Black American Experience. The Power of Unity would prevent the constant aggression, oppression and double standard social targeting against Black / Brown Americans. America is not a color-blind society, nor for that matter is the world.

Skin color blindness is a pipe-dream filled with false hopes, e.g. “Can we all get along? American and World History couple with present day societal events between the races with shared various ideologies answers that question with a resounding NO! Until humanity over-all accepts the new rationale or ideology of One Race–The Human Race; It is imperative that our group in particular unite separately in the American Society. On all social fronts active in every social institution in the American Society. Or we will perish or stay oppressed and complicity responsible for our continue group degeneration.

Our group integration into the American society is aggressive to the dominant society dictated by Constitutional Laws & Amendments. The dominant members / group society refuses overtly and covertly to accept Black Americans as equals in the society. Regardless of their US Constitution and added Civil Rights protection amendments. The 149 year old American experiment of integrating the Black man and woman into the American dominant society has failed.

The dominant members of the American society control all social institutions. Active with that control is their ingrained and perpetuated group prejudice against Black Americans. No civil laws, public policies and rules written in the past or present have affected or changed this socially ingrained prejudice against Black Americans.

Black Americans, if you continue as a group with foolhardy complicity in your group degeneration, you will perish and stay oppressed in the American Society. It is imperative for these times that Black Americans unite to end the social ills that plague their communities.

About Mr. Tony Muhammad

My published opinions, commentaries, and reports are inspired by my life experiences, human events, and historical research data. Now available on the World Wide Web which allows a living Black man today no excuses for remaining in a cognitive state of ignorance​ in America. Reader's may take me to be a racist and divider of common causes and problems all people share in the broader society rather my intentions are not to incite divisions that already exist in our society and political spectrum but to press on the conscience of my group members the role of unity in providing social balance in a competitive society and culture as found here in America. A Black man life in America is unique and distinctive from other races in the society. Honest race dialogue is neglected but needed between the Black and White races here in America to solve the root adversary between the races. I only expose Black thoughtful perspectives about historical and present day events in our society that exacerbate Americas race problems. I am a SPIRITUAL WATCHER, of humanity unequal social balances between the races. When the scale of the dissatisfied weight heavier than the scale of falsehood, which is implanted in the minds of the people they will eventually rise up in opposition against whom or whatever they perceive to be the oppressor. On the other hand, wick powers and people are prepared to crush organized marches and protests demonstrated by the awakening masses they deem revolting against the established world order. If only the masses would turn towards "righteousness" the ills of this world would disappear. Thereby, taking power from those who rule by mass deceit and trickery. Righteous conduct practiced by men and women sacrificing, personal desires to possess inordinate quantities of material things for the betterment of one’s brother and stranger, is the power that will revolve the miserable condition of man, women, and child on this planet. Most all religions of the world are corrupted by the power of false doctrine that sways their followers. A six lane crooked road has been built down the straight path of man which is righteousness. Humanity is intoxicated by all manners of misconduct and non-productive behavior. I write to usher in a righteous world without excess but balance. I do realize first darkness must be dispelled by righteous men and women working together to build and grow a righteous humanity that dispels darkness from the minds of the people / masses by active examples. Only time knows the circumstances that will usher in the light of truth into the minds of humanity. I write and wait for that glorious day.
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  2. allseeingeye7000 says:

    The current concept of so-called America was fabricated by the exiles and defiant miscreants who refused living by the laws of their native European land. It is of no surprise that dysfunction persists in a society that is branded by the mark of the dysfunctional. However diverse the human family is, nature imposes the need for polarization. Much like the lion, cheetah and leopard belong to the feline family, all are named cats, and yet the lion does not yield to the wishes of the other cats. The lion will kill and rob the other cats of their food to feed and sustain his pride, even at the expense of the demise of the other cats and their young. Why? Because that is nature. African people were once the interpreters of nature, even under animisms (tribes) we had alliances to preserve our African selves. Our cultural dissolution is the result of indulging in the unnatural event that was so methodically marketed to us, that event is integration, and we unfortunately bought it. Our history, while living in close proximity to these others, has proven that we were our most successful when we practiced nature (polarization, separation) e.g. Black Wallstreet in Tulsa, Ok. We live amongst those who create enormous barriers to hinder our progression and to give them the unworthy opportunity to assert their pseudo-intellectual superiority over African people. But when we overcome what was thought to be insurmountable, by those with inferior intellect, we are only praised equal to he whom had no barriers to overcome, even though our road to progression was blocked by mountains made by bigots. As Africans, if we do not recognize how significant separation and becoming purely independent is to our people’s survival, we will perish from that which is self imposed and we will remain out of context. For the man that seeks salvation from his foe, shall receive the salvation that the foe wishes to offer, death.

  3. Ian Zak says:

    Seriously? Get back to writing about community stuff… This diatribe of hate speech is ridiculous, maybe if the “inner” city population of African-Americans stopped breeding useless children and instead educated their worthwhile children, maybe it could of gone the other way… Stop blaming “whitey” for “black” failures. African-Americans in the US and Europe or as matter of fact, any city that’s relatively developed. Though of course there are exceptions, especially those people clouded with superstition or some other form zealous religion.

    • Mr. T says:

      A1 typical white privilage response. Even though your comment is clouded with prejudice learned behaviour taught in 70% of white households in America. I understand your thinking and response is not entirely your fault. It is the result of false; misleading information, education, and media news reports that utilize many of the social ills found in the American society by all races and groups. My group is used in Americas white male dominated society as “scapegoats” for society social ills. There in turn you have learned to blame the victims “being Black skin” most responsible for their group condition. But it is not your place to point fingers seeing you have the advantage simiply because your a member of the dominate white male society. Your comment is simply reduce to arrogance and a guilty white man complex you find pride in having. Thanks for your comment. It shines light from a white man honest perspective. On the subject of the neccessity for Black unity in the American society.

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