Why We Get Together?

How much of what ails us today as a society could be remedied by some old fashioned love and togetherness? The kind we share at the “get-together.”

Its a beautiful Spring day, Im sitting out on the front porch watching life on Center St. Milwaukee unfold; with some family members when one of my nieces says, ” Lets get together for some of Yo Mama-in-law’s to-die-for Salmon Croquettes?” “Cool,” I said. “Let me holler at her and make sure she’s up to it.” Well about a week passes and then I text and inbox everybody that next Sunday we were going to have a Salmon Croquette Bruch at my house around 11 a.m. and Mama going to do the cooking, but we have to buy erthing, you know, pot-luck style. Well, that Sunday all the family shows up. Salmon croquettes, bacon, eggs,sausage, grits, rice, onions and potatoes, and you know we had biscuits and Alaga syrup. If you under thirty, you don’t know nothing about Alaga. We ate, drank and commensurated like we do. When the smoke cleared, Salmon juice was all on the wall, in the flower pots everywhere. Im Just kidding, but you get my point, we ate our backs out. All while we were catching up, sharing stories and reminiscing folks kept asking, “what we getting together for?” The answer kept coming back “just because we love each other.” So After we ate and began to recover from the food-coma that Black folks go into when they eat good food. Folks made them some plates to go, I led in the reading of the African Pledge, My sister, Minister Michele, whose not a real minister, we just call her that because she prays and ministers everywhere she goes, led us in a beautiful prayer and my Mama-in-law chided us to stay free and be self-determining. The folks who were still at the house, on couches, in chairs in all positions and degrees of half sleep, began to reflect on the day. Everyone said they had a ball and that statement we always make “WE HAVE TO DO THIS MORE OFTEN”
The point is, this writer thinks, the family is the solution to a lot of the problems of the world today. Next time you chilling with family and friends think about and be grateful for each other and remember the only reason we need for coming together is the fact that if we don’t come together we will perish separately. Peace.

About Disrael

If there aint no beauty, you've got to make some beauty. Its all about love.
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4 Responses to Why We Get Together?

  1. Wonder Woman says:

    One of the casualties of social media & networking. Designed so we could be closer but in the end does it bring us closer? I miss sitting on the porch chillin. These days I find myself scheduling “family time.”
    Most people work literally to death. This society needs to come together. Imagine the things that seperate us seem to be the only things that get a rise out of folks.
    The only thing people come out for is sometimes a wedding but usually a funeral.
    Damn shame,

  2. Disrael says:

    Hey WW, My sentiments exactly. We need all hands on deck to try and remedy some of the ills that are plaguing our community. It just dawned on me that we used to address and prevent a lot of community issues at the family gathering. The family unit strengthens the individual who strengthens the community. In our effort to save time and get closer with our technology, it seems we have less time and are more distant than ever. Maybe we need to proceed with caution and make sure that before we adopt activities and lifestyles we ensure that they are really progressive not just the newest thing.

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