The Act That Could’ve Saved the American Society H.R.2847

It is not an Executive Order nor Action signed by President Obama! It is an appropriation revision act amending the 1986 code “Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act.” The law passed in both the House and Senate back in Sept 2010…Touché’ for Democracy!

What is wrong with Democracy working in America these days? It appears to have lost favor in America since November 2008, when the majority of voting Americans elected its first non-white President.

I read H.R.2847 for myself. Every literate American should do so and for those who can not read have someone read it to you.

Of course, it turns out not the doom and gloom–American dollar deflator professed by TEAGOP misinformation fear rhetoric, and obstructionism; too many Americans swallow on a daily basis these past six years. Their political tactics are designed to exploit and manipulate the average Joe Americans learned prejudice against other fellow Americans not of their race, creed, and religion.

The average Joe (Black, White, or Brown) does not have a foreign bank account or trust set up in other countries to escape income taxes. We pay our fair share of taxes with each hard-earned payroll to raise healthy families. In addition, secure a sound future in a country the world people want to come and become citizens.

Yea its true and rightfully so, Joe feels over taxed because Joe knows for a certainty that Zillionaires hide their money off shore, so not to pay taxes on income generated mostly from Joe’s hard labor which Joe’s don’t mind because hard work in the past has rewarded in the American society. Nevertheless, Joe’s have felt the squeeze on their hard earn dollars. His hard-earned dollars have not kept pace with inflation the past 30 years or so. Joe’s problem is he is not sure whom to blame; self, the Govt, the rich, or maybe in Joe’s mind, it is the poor at fault for America’s woes today.

Here comes Obama in 2008. Somebody or something said blame America’s woes on Obama. Joe’s accepts the finger-pointing, hook line and sinker. He will do for now until “hopefully” America comes out of this great recession that is smothering the economy. However, somebody or something knows exactly what is at fault for America present economic woes. Good old fashion “BANKER’s GREED” is in full and pouring its abundant misery on the entire global society. However, here in America, politics has cast its first elected non-White President as responsible for the past 30 to 40 year catch-up economic crash.

Therefore, I have been seriously confused these past 6 years since Obama took office. The racism and hatred directed towards his administration, him and his family from TEAGOP members and supporters does not confuse me (I expected this type of hostile political and societal environment for Americas first Non-White President), but the average American Joe level of gullibility is easily sway by stupid misinformation designed to turn them against American democracy is astounding.

Over all American’s issues, we need to stop acting like children fighting over whose best at coloring with crayons, or whether to color the paper horse black or white.

If America is destined to fall, it will not be the powers and military force of a foreign country. It will self-destruct from within as it is doing. America’s enemies only have to be patient, and watch American citizens, rich and poor, turn on each other, and tear down the country they swear they love.

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About Mr. Tony Muhammad

My published opinions, commentaries, and reports are inspired by my life experiences, human events, and historical research data. Now available on the World Wide Web which allows a living Black man today no excuses for remaining in a cognitive state of ignorance​ in America. Reader's may take me to be a racist and divider of common causes and problems all people share in the broader society rather my intentions are not to incite divisions that already exist in our society and political spectrum but to press on the conscience of my group members the role of unity in providing social balance in a competitive society and culture as found here in America. A Black man life in America is unique and distinctive from other races in the society. Honest race dialogue is neglected but needed between the Black and White races here in America to solve the root adversary between the races. I only expose Black thoughtful perspectives about historical and present day events in our society that exacerbate Americas race problems. I am a SPIRITUAL WATCHER, of humanity unequal social balances between the races. When the scale of the dissatisfied weight heavier than the scale of falsehood, which is implanted in the minds of the people they will eventually rise up in opposition against whom or whatever they perceive to be the oppressor. On the other hand, wick powers and people are prepared to crush organized marches and protests demonstrated by the awakening masses they deem revolting against the established world order. If only the masses would turn towards "righteousness" the ills of this world would disappear. Thereby, taking power from those who rule by mass deceit and trickery. Righteous conduct practiced by men and women sacrificing, personal desires to possess inordinate quantities of material things for the betterment of one’s brother and stranger, is the power that will revolve the miserable condition of man, women, and child on this planet. Most all religions of the world are corrupted by the power of false doctrine that sways their followers. A six lane crooked road has been built down the straight path of man which is righteousness. Humanity is intoxicated by all manners of misconduct and non-productive behavior. I write to usher in a righteous world without excess but balance. I do realize first darkness must be dispelled by righteous men and women working together to build and grow a righteous humanity that dispels darkness from the minds of the people / masses by active examples. Only time knows the circumstances that will usher in the light of truth into the minds of humanity. I write and wait for that glorious day.
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