I respectfully and humbly disagree with present liberal thought and political direction concerning the Black and White races. Though I agree with original Black thinkers of human ideologies premises and theories of how to unify the Black masses on our planet. Too many Black people wherever they resided on our planet do not realize nor comprehend the Black Race is in a spiritual (same as energy) war with the White Race. This understanding is crucial in developing harmony between the races. Unity will not come into existence until first the Black Race unites together like other races have done solely based on skin color and the various races land originations.

The ignored race problems are in fact reality with a skewed baseline (Humanity is one Race) that creates conflict in the world. Not one person in power holding force in hand really wants to admit skin color and race definitions are at the root of opposing sides. As a matter of fact most common White people who hate dark skin people don’t even realize the root of this negative human emotion and expression. The spirit / energy that dwells in human form is unseen by the human eye and other fleshly senses, yet is faintly detected by the difference between positive and negative energy vibrations.

Energy vibrates and this is the means to harness all forms of energy to direct it to serve the human will and offer subsistence to our needs but for negative energy to exists and have purposes, it must ride or be connected to a positive source. A simple way to understand this natural innate reaction demonstrated through life and death of the human body. Look at human flesh as the negative source or ground that attracts positive energy to make it useful. The energy it houses is released by many means of human transmissions but the positive energy is never destroyed or ends when the flesh can no longer contain energy. Energy is not negative the flesh that contains energy is the negative connection. That’s the reality of humanity events and political economic relationships between the races on our planet. Human force and power are not an unseen mystery, as most of, humanity believes by way of systemic massive miseducation that benefits humans desiring to weld power and force thru political machinations. The negative relationship between the Black and White race is manipulated to provide inequitable benefits to the White race ruling over the Black race by harnessing the energy or spirit generated by Black flesh to establish White supremacy in the world.

Being that I have come to accept this consistent spiritual war and conflict between the Black and White races, I have no choice but to shout it, write it, and speak it from any mountain top I find. This is my main spiritual duty and purpose in this life to share with humanity and all due respect to available information (positive and negative) historical and present-day relationship between the two races. In spite of this which may seem a new revelation, it is not. Black power simply means Black people in control and directing their human and social affairs in all societies they reside in and especially on the continent known as Africa.

Humanity conflicting political oppositions and present day human conflicts that exist will redeem itself when it eventually develops the “willpower” to drop its bestiality behaviors it inflicts on each other. Obviously, this is not the era or times of peace between Races on our planet.

The Black Race must be aware along with welded determination that we are in a spiritual war against the White Race. Our dark skin (non-white) pre-determines the opposing sides today. More importantly, the immediate necessity to “CLOSE RANKS,” with one another. The identity of self and kind assures fair treatment in a society with other races and proper distribution / allocations of human endeavors regarding land and economic resources attained for the future of Black children on this planet. Until the day’s come into existence when humanity eliminates its bestiality or negative behaviors.

You may say African I say Black but reality says, the matter of African / Black race identity is not the same. Proper race identity by Black people within their many cultures is the missing link to capture or harness Black unity while White supremacy dictates human affairs between the races on our planet.

Ending Note: More information about the feature image and its implications of my content above and theme thereof describing the forbidden paradigm shift, is linked here..http://lostislamichistory.com/columbus-was-not-the-first-to-cross-the-atlantic/