It is a sick and twisted race related affair that some members of the Black community have developed empathy for police officer’s brute behavior that causes them to shoot and kill unarmed Black people. On the other hand, it’s a natural human reaction the feeling of non-sympathy for police policing Black communities when considering the long history of police brutality and White Americans hostile aggression against  Black Americans. White American aggression reduces our community non-sympathy for police officers in general. 

Police officers looking for any meeting with Black youth/men/women to exercise and carry out their power to use deadly force against unarmed Black people do not deserve our community sympathy. These type of brutal and beastly police do not think twice about unloading hot lead from their pistols in souls manifested in Black skin. 

I do not view the likes of Alfonso under racist derogatory terms, which intend to reduce Blacks humanity in the minds of other race / ethnic groups competing with the Black Race. 

Alfonso like far too many other Black Americans and Africans living in our homelands, simply are not consciously loyal to their race. They are unaware Black people are despised and hated because of our dark skin complexions and shades. More importantly, races other than the Black race realize the power of race unity powerful effects when competing for limited social resources in any given society.

Race loyalty bounds any group of humans politically to compete fairly and equitably against other races competing for the earth limited resources that provide food clothing, shelter, and the material comforts man creates. 

Black people on the planet simply need to wake up from accepting the lies and deceit about race matters. Matters of race are pre-ordain realities of life. Not to accept this fact will result in continue White aggression/oppression against the Black race.

Photo by Gil Laury’s