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Oppressed people historically seek liberation from oppressive governments. However, oppressed Black people in America today seek  relief from oppression from  the  government of the United states of America. This dichotomy puts Black folks in the position of having to ask for protection from the same source that can and often times is the one doing the oppressing.

Since the end of the civil war, Black people have sought the protection of the Federal government from the pro-slavery attitudes of the governments of the Southern states of the old Confederacy and their like-minded offspring. We have and continue to wrestle and fight for every step towards equality that we have made.

We must be as humble as lambs yet as cunning as serpents in this new millennium. We must not mistake who or what governments are and what they do.  We need to continue  to use the Federal government to block the reactionary policies of some of these states while not being naïve as to the nature and consequence of government overreach.

No permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.