I guess its just me who realizes the Black and White problem has a solution that the majority of the American society ignores, or too afraid to admit social integration of Blacks into White society is a failed social experiment.


Great read into the plight of the Black American Experience by a White person with a top eye open. Mrs Cole https://oliviaacole.wordpress.com/2014/12/03/white-rage-the-hunger-games-and-the-lack-of-justice-for-eric-garner/comment-page-1/#comment-2923 ,  even the makers of the “Hunger Games” films exploits American Whiteness and privilege for the “Almighty Dollar.”

Just as White men holding power and wealth through their control power structures (ideologies) and institutional systems have done to the Black Race the past 700 years.

The average White person can not dissociate what their eyes see when they look into a mirror from the influence and power of their white skin. “White privilege” dominance in American and European societies is the reality common white people are socially conditioned to deny in public view. Unless they be intoxicated that is forgivable and permitted.

But it is far worst when a Black person looks into a mirror than denies his Black or Brown skin (race pride) is the root problem to…

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