I am of the opinion it is going to take a beat down instead of the “slap down” to get this message across to Black Americans. Example, our recent societal focus on Black incarceration rates, drug dealings / use, and cops killing unarmed Black men has been constantly occurring events in Black communities the past 50 years. Yet we continue to feed the hand that slaps us.

Yet overall, Black Americans have yet to unify together to oppose the ill forces our communities suffer disproportionately.

It is like living in a house with cockroaches, but no one living in the house steps on the pest to eliminate its habitation in the house.

Black people continue to plead to government and its social agencies to solve these issues. Instead of taking, the rings of accountability and responsibility to alter / reduce the course of these social traps that also affect other non-Blacks in our society.

Yet non-Black people manage well together in pooling their resources together cooperatively which lessen the impact of social ills in their communities.

Just maybe Black Americans need to accept who they are (Black Americans) instead of believing they are part of other people’s identities.

{I personally, adopted what considered a Muslim last name, to replace my father father’s x slave father adopted European / White person surname. My personal name change declaration does not dismiss my race identity as a Black man. On the contrary, it reaffirms my race lands (Africa) origins, which surnames naturally accomplish in the eyes of humanity.  Surnames originating on the African continent, not the European continent signifies the Black race. I am not a White man so why should I rationally continue carrying a White man surname. It just made rational sense to me to change my name when I claimed the stolen identity of my Black slave fore parents.} 

Black Americans have a unique identity but many of us deny its realness or authenticity due to the perceived negative construct of race identity in America great social experiment.

Black Wall Streets that use to exist across America are just reminders of any race natural human social order and social paths. We / our group turned its back on, to counter American societal racist tactics to appease government forces and ultimately the dominant ruling members of the American society.

Whereas a continuance of establishing Black Wall Street’s wherever x slaves migrated or relocated after the American Civil War ended would have ensured advancement and prosperity other races and ethnic groups immigrant fore parents have pasted down to their children since migrating to America to become American citizens.

The children of White, Red, Brown, and Yellow Americans accept without question who they are. This social norm unites them in the field of economics and gives them social advantages they all share, excluding the Black man and woman here in America.