Milwaukee Natural Goom“County Executive Chris Abele offers the billionaire owners of the Bucks 10 acres of prime downtown county land worth an est. $9 million dollars for $1.00” (Based on the billionaires “envisioned” investments of $400 million surrounding development of the new arena over the next 11 years or more).

It is a win; win for these billionaires not the taxpayers!

Let us see if I understand this correctly, Billionaires pay $1 for 10 acres of public owned land then they find, or have other developers to pay them (billionaire new owners) upwards of $400 million dollars to build on the previously owned taxpayers land. Somebody please enlighten me if I am in the parking lot (not the arena) watching this game.

All my life I have looked for the secret to turn dirt into gold. Well, I fully understand now, how billionaires become billionaires. Share a vision of turning dirt on county owned land into gold, to a wealthy elected politician who obviously, does not understand assessed land values rising with land development future returns.

The bottomline is Chris Abele is a paid county “Stuart”–oops my bag–Steward, over taxpayers county lands and resources but his stewardship loyalty to tax paying county residents are more questionable than today’s admitted republican privatizers of public own lands and resources.

Bruce Murphy journalism is objectively correct in questioning wealthy Chris Abele motivations to poof 10 acres of county land assessed at $9 million dollars. Inquiring minds have a right to know that is what journalism is all about…

I believe an equitable arena deal is overlooked by elected leaders. Exposed by this example of talks by County Executive Abele give away deal that does not benefit Milwaukee county residents, especially our young adults in the planned 11 years of construction development downtown Milwaukee.

Example of a better deal than the billionaires promising “20 to 25% construction hours,” will go to City and County residents-over the propose 11 years, three phases construction projects… 

How about agreeing to 50 to 60% of work hours given to Milwaukee City County residents during the projects three phases?

Did County Executive Chris Abele and Mayor Tom Barrett overlook in their search to finance a new arena the fact Milwaukee is rated fourth in poverty in the Nation of cities its size? The poor do not need better basketball courts paid by the NBA (as reported in the rag-tag Community Journal (Purportedly the voice of Milwaukee Black community) in targeted county parks. The Black community in Milwaukee need real job creation avenues providing incomes to live comfortably day-to-day to enjoy Wisconsin’s outstanding Park and Recreational Systems.

Where are the public talks from our elected county and city representatives disclosing the racial makeup of the work force work hours needed to undertake proposed billions of dollars in new development downtown Milwaukee in the next decade?

More importantly in this Black man opinion is that Black Milwaukee needs to shout…Show us the money too!