Health care providers are mandatory reporters of sexual child abuse. Any minor – let alone a 10-year-old – giving birth to a child in a hospital should be, reported to the state’s child protection agency. So why, in this case, did it take a tip from a concerned person and not an authoritative hospital official? Answer: The rule of law protects human predators.  Pedophile_Rapist_darrick_

I am not a surface dweller on issues most concerning the overall deplorable state of human development on our earth.  So tune out or remove your eyes from my analysis here if you cannot comprehend my previous written opinions and analysis about human relationship and affairs. 

It is not just families remaining silent in child abuse cases, but the society has no remedy to contain nor treat child predators among us. This man is a rapist and pedophile black devil (Yes, black devil! I said it) that went undetected like a serial killer in our society until caught. The only remedy to prevent rapist and pedophiles from harming others is men, women, and the society must deal with this behavior efficiently when it occurs and arises in public view, by removing these type of people permanently from family and society when they are detected and found guilty of these heinous sexual acts.

Forced sexual acts against children and others by these type of people should be automatic revocation – by the society – of the perpetrator human rights. Our society today has the technology to determine the truth in any matter. For an example, in this case, this black devil appears guilty. He has earned the ending of his life.

If I had power and force, I would designate an island or faraway planet to exile this type of human being, or better yet end their lives. Sexual predators should not even, be locked up with common criminals. Our society in particular and many others do not have the will to destroy human predators.

Furthermore, many more societies and the “rule of law” on our planet indirectly promote this behavior, so this particular scourge of immorality  – and others not mentioned here –  will continue to plague societies until humanity develops the will to eliminate these type of sexual behaviors forced on the helpless.

Any person possibly can be helpless in any given situation depending on unpredictable circumstances, which too often is reported by news media outlets, which pacifies the public sense that the government and the rule of law works on behalf of human decency and law-abiding citizens, but the same rule of law protect the humanity of human predators.

Finally, I pose the question, are human predators human, and should the rule of laws protect their humanity when they violate the victim humanity?