I was very saddened to learn today that my friend Taki Raton – Black Milwaukee’s greatest champion of independent Black education and curriculum geared specifically for Black / African Americans youth and young adults transition this life to the afterlife in the realist of terms.

It is said and believed by many of humanity that the human spirit dies with the flesh after that “last dance,” called death. But nature and its ecological systems, including the stars in known solar systems in the universe teaches humanity that energy never ends, but it only transforms into something else. Sometimes seen but mostly unseen when concerning human beliefs about death.

Memories of those that love Taki Raton will never forget him. He lives on in our minds. Those that worked side by side with Taki Raton will forever remember him for his dedicated advocacy in uplifting positive events in the Black American Experience and our struggles for our race unity.

His work ethics will live on in the too many to count published news articles, delivered speeches and presentation, hosted cultural seminars and written education curriculums he professionally completed.

Taki Raton if no one said it while you were present with us, I said it now – Job Well Done Brother. A true, humble and loyal Black scholar that you are.

You will always be remembered by Milwaukee’s Black Community – Your spirit will never die Taki Raton.

I humbly submit this writing is incomplete mentioning all the great achievements of Taki Raton mission here in Milwaukee, but please fill free to write in the comment section what you believe deserves mention about the life of Taki Raton…