10-10-15 MMM_meme

When observing the past seven years of the many Black grassroots civic protests and White organized, protest namely Occupy Wall Street. Chaos the majority often occurs during nighttime hours of protesting and marching where agent’s provocateurs (individual’s agitators / rioters destroying property / Gov’t sponsored or otherwise) operate under the cover of darkness.

Sadly to say, and with sincere deep loyalty to the Black race struggles for freedom, justice, and equality, this Black man observed, the Ferguson protest held at night looked like a sideshow. With ill intent to support the divide between Black America and White America (which is grossly a social norm in America). From the human pluralistic cry for justice in police-involved killings in the society. Justice and accountability for the actions of rogue and racist police killer behaviors targeted against unarmed citizens, Black and White, male and female and horrifically children in the society.

Well, agent’s provocateurs worked overtime in the Ferguson, MO protest – From Hands Up -Don’t Shoot, which was a plural human cry for justice crossing racial and ethnic barriers around the world – to – blacklivesmatter, which mysteriously is financially supported by an Elites billionaire and coined on social media “twitter,’ then overnight usurp the banner cry of Hands Up – Don’t Shoot.

The 1950 and 60, Black Civil Rights movement globally and US Constitutionality established the natural and civic declarations “BLACK LIVES MATTER in the American society. Organized civil protests with well-defined objectives and action plans are most often comprised of focused and sincere participants involved in the objectives of protest and marches definitely are absent of riotous behavior.

Take for an example of a recent organized protest / staged event the recent Million Man March, Just or Else 10-10-15 held on the Nation National Mall – No incidents reported – Why because the event was well organized. In spite of untold fears harbor by the government and its law enforcement agencies the MMM organizers and NOI has a 20-year history of non-violence in the American society. Moreover, Minister Farrakhan proves once again to the American society and all its citizens he is not a hate-filled man that powerful people claim him to be.