The Milwaukee County medical examiner’s office ruled that the death of 16-year-old Corey Stingley, who died after being restrained by three customers at a West Allis convenience store, was a homicide.

According to the medical examiner’s report released Thursday, Stingley’s cause of death was anoxic encephalopathy, or brain damage caused by lack of oxygen.

The condition was preceded by asphyxia, physical restraint and violent struggle with multiple individuals, the report concluded.

A medical examiner ruling of homicide simply means death at the hands of another. The criminal charge of homicide has a different standard that takes into account intent and risk of harm.

Stingley, a student at West Allis Hale High School, died Dec. 29, 2012, at Froedtert Hospital after the incident, which occurred Dec. 14, 2012, at VJ’s Food Mart, 9206 W. Schlinger Ave., where he attempted to steal alcoholic beverages. (credit: JSOline 1.16.14 – Ashley Luthern)

It’s been nearly three years since the murder of our young, gifted and talented brother…RIP Corey Stingley. His life exchanged for the liquor splashing inside a perishable container. Which of us ever believes our fate quickening…is unpredictable…so unjust? It is such a deep, dark truth we find in this world that hate is evermore like the oxygen in the air sustaining us.

I’ve often pondered about the pain a parent endures when their child dies. How one searches for a truth…a reason that they must be a witness to such a tragic circumstance. I’ve also contemplated how a parent must rage (inside) upon learning of another person(s) being responsible for their child’s demise.

Prayerfully I will never have to experience such a life event and prayerfully none of you reading these words either.

Corey’s father Craig is not so fortunate. He is fighting for justice for his son…he is honoring his son’s life by his efforts…he is an example of fatherhood in the highest order.

So now the irony is that he is being investigated for stating the obvious…he is in pain and it won’t go away…my son was murdered and the system has brought for no justice for his family…#BlackLivesMatter