Picture credit: www.breitbart.com
Picture credit: http://www.breitbart.com

Taking That First Step To Success

When I left my job as a news anchor to stay at home with my daughter, I never expected what a tight budget squeeze it would be. So by the time my second baby was born, I had also started my own small business to make ends meet. I did media and marketing work. I hustled for new business and wrote into the wee hours, preparing presentations and scripts, research and analysis for my clients. Being a small business owner gave me the freedom to schedule around my family, and the money to provide for them. I was proud.

Fast forward 10 years and now I want you to consider taking that same step.  There are a lot of Wisconsinites walking around with light bulbs above their heads: people with bright ideas who haven’t yet turned them into businesses. I want you to turn your lightbulb into a business reality…or at least learn how in case you want to one day.  It may feel risky, but there’s no risk at all in seeing what it might take to become your own boss. That’s why last year we came up with a FREE Small Business Academy. It’s designed especially for female and minority future entrepreneurs.

We want to show you in a couple of hours what it might take for you to launch your idea and help you decide whether “business owner” might be your future title.

You will be in good company. The number of new business entities formed in Wisconsin so far this year grew by 3.4% over last year, totaling 31,062. And with currently 99.7% of US firms being small businesses, I know your business stands a good chance of being a hit.

It can be intimidating to take that first step. Sometimes, we find that what we have in “can-do” attitude, we lack in resources and information.

That’s why we are hosting this Small Business Academy, to give potential business owners the tools and resources they need to turn dreams into realities.

Right here in Milwaukee, we will connect you with successful business leaders to find out the steps they took to success and how you can follow them. You will have the chance to interact with and hear from industry leaders at roundtable sessions, catered to your specific business needs.

This Academy is designed for people considering joining the ranks of Wisconsin’s small business owners. If you are ready to take the first steps to becoming your own boss and perhaps even employing your friends and family and neighbors, then this was created with you mind. I’ll see you there.

Rebecca Kleefisch is lieutenant governor of Wisconsin.  You can follow her on Twitter @LtGovKleefisch.