I find it very interesting many Black people quick to label successful Black professionals “coons,” are the same type of Black people that admire and are enchanted with the verbal usage of the word Nigga, Nigger, My Nigga, What’s up Dawg or any other derogatory reference for a Black man or woman here in America.

It is phenomenal that free Black men and women today hold pride in derogatory labels designed by former White slave masters and former American Slave Institution that regulate the Black race, Black Americans / Black African as sub-human species. Many Black people today have lost their minds due to the progressive cognitive inferiority complex many Black people suffer due to social exposure from the wickedness of White Supremacy.

I’m not suggesting all successful Black people in the world that have advanced their personal social standing in the society / community do not suffer from the effects of an inferiority complex, but they have overcome the conditions of poverty by whatever social means they have utilized to get out of impoverishment conditions or advance their standing in the society.

I am one of many Black men in the world today not afraid to point out the missing link of “personal responsibility,” and how it applies to anyone’s goals of self-development which many don’t have such a goal. Too many Black people in America unknowingly replace self-development with consumerism. They settle for individual happy or sad lifestyles both centered on employment / working and underworld hustling to fulfill dreams of having the finer things in life. Owning or purchasing a pair of Nike shoes, purchasing a bottle of Dom Perignon, and keeping up to date with handheld technology devices (Just to mention a few items from the list of “Consumerism the New Age Religion”) have replaced Black American race centered thinking and group advancement in the American group competitive society.

In addition, I am very aware many Black people that suffer the most from the institution of racism have no knowledge of self, kind and others, which subject gates their thinking and actions to a mode of self-survival or survival of the fittest to acquire the basic needs of all humans – food, clothing, and shelter.

White Americans / people on the other hand, practice race / group-thinking but the American society overall informs and teach Black Americans they cannot lead themselves and must remain inclusive with all White “controlled” American societal institution e.g. Politics and Education – the main two institutions that limit the Black American struggle for fairness in equitableness between the two races here in America.

Like Malcolm X revealed – Black America Yawl Been Had, Yawl Been Led Astray.

Now we today beat down those in the same sinking boat we all share. Instead of focusing attention on the individual success of Black members we should redirect focus on the least among us then just maybe some of our successful one’s can contribute to the ultimate rise of Black people, even in silence or secrecy. Then again, Bill Cosby was one Black man silently contributing to Black educational institutions but White America publicly through bones at him and too many Black Americans nibble viciously on the bones.

In too many societal ladders, of the Black American experience and struggle – WE – have become our own worst enemies because we have ZERO RACE LOYALTY, unlike White Americans.