My advocacy for the “DEATH OF THE n-WORD” utilizes the old adage – “Shame the Devil and He will flee from you.” However, I must admit our struggle here in America and back home on the African continent is the most complex and problematic experience of a people in the known history of the human family on the planet.

The Black race of the human family 4000-year disenfranchisement from race unity, and developing a united continental Nationhood with autonomy that competes in economic and political exchanges with other Nations outside its natural geographical borders (bounded by oceans and seas) is a factual, deliberate, and elaborate plan by powerful worldly influential “White Male Europeans Rulers of the past 2000 years.

I for one, view history, and human development for what it is and what it is not is a matter of constructed propaganda and mystery making.

Recorded history reveals the African continent with its abundant resources are coveted and envy by European White people the past 4000 years. I accepting this as “actual” fact in comparison with the economic and political oppressive conditions Black people still face today in a White supremacy world that dominates the control of present civilization and the affairs of economics, social, and political activity between human relationships. This outlined and obvious reality should conclude in any rational Black man and woman mind whom and what unseen forces are the enemy of our race and other non- white races on the planet.

In spite of my above outline of the root problem facing all Black people on the planet, I must be firm in pointing this out. Our obvious and appearing deliberate participation with our enemy cloaked desires to hinder our growth in the field of building human civilization’s, yet this fact is no comfort to me specifically regarding our disunity and human dysfunctions in the face of rational civilized people.