Why would Monique Pressley, a Black woman and secondly an attorney, take an unsubstantiated case against Bill Cosby? Answered simply because it is a high-profile case and she is making her mark as an attorney at the expense of destroying Bill Cosby reputation and legacy. It is my hard believed opinion,  Monique Pressley is full of HUMBUG!

Deceptive media tactics with reporting so-called news that matters and sheep public opinion supports the entire case against Bill Cosby. People forget a “Mob” in the Christian religion chose a murderer and a thief over their beloved Jesus Christ. Yet today so-call religious people still remain unlearned to Elite’s machinations that control most all media and news outlets. If you repeat, a lie, repeatedly and continuously, as the media has done against Mr. Cosby the weak minded and unlearned masses accepts the lies to be the truth.

The great philosopher Socrates contended with Elite’s and taught during his times that “The Mob” is incapable of forming a group rational opinion. I teach the “Mob” is easily persuaded by Elitist hidden hands of machinations, wicked and controlling intentions by employing systemic misinformation that boils down to nothing more than simple gossip and spreading targeted destructive rumors.

As I write, the Elites are designing means to limit the free flow of authoritative information found at the tip of common people fingers by using the internet free flow of data. In our high technological world information has become power and a commodity exchange that the elite desire to remove access from common people. There is absolutely no reason today for the majority of common people to be so unlearned that this steeple majority accept being hand fed by major and minor news outlets regarding public opinions accusing anyone of any type of misconduct. The US Constitution protects all citizens from public lynch mobs determining person’s guilt or innocents in matters reserved for the judicial system, but of course, the US Constitution is open to group competitive interpretations subject to repeals and amendments.

The biggest complaint “mentally lost” Black Americans / people have against Bill Cosby is the tongue lashing he gave Black America about too many poor Black Americans degenerate social behavior’s and personal conduct which is attributed to them / us not having any prowess pertaining to racial and cultural human conduct in a civilized society established in laws and principalities. Such as in America  displayed by many race groups practicing their homeland culture and ways that promote their competitiveness in the American society.


(Before we start down this road. This is what happened in 2004. ‘A woman claimed she was assaulted in 2004 by Bill Cosby. The prosecutor said she didn’t report it for over a year. No evidence. She never said she was raped. The rest happened over 30 years ago. The following information has been fact check and verified and provides evidence that Mr. Bill Cosby is being setup. The casting agent that contact Choice provided the model with two addresses: one to the casting appointment at the Ritz Carlton and a second address to Cosby’s location.http://nation19.com/wilhelmina-model-paid-to-destroy-bill-cosby-comes-forward/ )

Monique Pressley could better serve Black America if she was race conscience and if she had defended, the Sister’s raped by that rapist Oklahoma police officer. Instead, she chose to chase the ambulance case against Dr. Bill Cosby. Thereby displaying her mental death, as too many Black Americans suffer, she is representing the public lynch mob and “Hidden Hands,” secret assault against the Black man and woman rise from the mentally dead.

Once again, Racist America Elite hidden hands seeks, the destruction of an admired and powerful Black man. In the case of Dr. Cosby, not like Black American male sports figure’s and other Black entertainers of the past 50 years targets of the hidden hand for destruction and downfall from public stardom. Cosby has done more good in the cause of Black Americans re-education and identity waking than most of us that have awakened from the mentally dead dare dream of contributing in our lifetimes. blog_Bill-Cosby_and_son

(Bill Cosby poses with his son Ennis William Cosby. Ennis Cosby, a graduate student, and aspiring teacher, was mysteriously murdered in Los Angeles in 1997.) http://nation19.com/wilhelmina-model-paid-to-destroy-bill-cosby-comes-forward/

Furthermore, it is physically impossible in America for a single Black man in America the past 450 years to have rape 50 women and most of them WHITE WOMEN during his lifetime. And not be found dangling from a rope tied to a tree in a field, or the civilized manner of being arrested and tried by a judge and jury made up of 2/3 White people. There to be a problem in America white jurors unable to dismiss their racist nurturing by Americas racist society upbringing while presiding on jury trials against Black men and women.

HELL! White Americans use to lynch Black men for sport and play while having family lunch. Many of our unsung Brothers that died at the hands of a White lynch mob are nameless still today. Nowadays the racist attitude White Americans have against Black Americans is responsible for the high rate of police involved shooting and killing unarmed Black men, women, and our young Black boys.

Moreover, the masses of Black people that side with this unseen Elite’s hand seeking Bill Cosby neck and legacy hanging from a tree are blind, death, and dump to the knowledge of the Black race true enemy the past 610 years.

These Black people refer to each other as Nigga’s, Dawgs, and Bitches and believe it’s kosher (healthy), or simply – a Black Thang! Plus too many believe a man 2000 years ago, 1400 years ago, and 40 years ago one born of a virgin and got up from his death then rose into the clouds and the other two are believed to have escape death itself.

I must confess, I also was once caught up in and influenced by systemic false beliefs that appear to be normal human traits and behaviors, during my personal life.

I present my Black man perspective and worldview about human affairs and events that have shaped human thought and spiritual development or the lack thereof, to the world with all sincerity to contribute positively to the awaking of Black people minds dwarf by White supremacy and its divide and conquer machinations.

I like Bill Cosby, have shaken some rusty locks placed in the minds of too many of our people. Who remain exposed to the massive inferiority complex placed in their minds, which the resulting effects are residual from our fore parents 300 years American enslavement couple with our African brothers and sisters’ colonization, many also suffered enslavement in their own lands by European people / countries on the African continent. These human events continue to plague too many Black Americans and Black African people psyche.

It is my sincere and continuous efforts to locate the master key to unlock rusted – mental locks – which hold my people down in societies bottom steps of the civilized world, so that Black people all over the planet will change and turn away from negative forces attributed by their social behaviors then start to live a more positive civilized life.