Let me get a piece of Taboo Tuesday and put something out there. Traditionally, Black and Brown People have been lock step on issues in this country. However, there is one issue seldom discussed between the groups… Immigration. Now that the economy is experiencing a downturn and jobs are scarce, this issue is beginning to bubble up to the surface in some parts of the country.

Here in Milwaukee we often dislike discussing anything of substance or controversy here. I want you to read the comment below I found in the Journal Sentinel and view a couple videos. The first video is of a gentleman named Ted Hayes. He is an activist against Immigration Reform. After your review, let me (US) know if Blacks should be against immigration reform or should they support it. Are Blacks losing jobs and their economic standing due to the undocumented worker (aka illegal worker)?

With Black Males unemployed at a rate of greater than 50% here in Milwaukee, are we losing jobs to our Latino Brothers? Or as Mexican President Vicente Fox infamously stated, “Mexicans with dignity, willingness and ability do the work” Blacks fail to do.

March 27, 2010 MJS Opinion – Illegal immigrants hurt black workers

Nearly every employed illegal immigrant in the United States takes a job that could be filled by an African-American citizen. Illegal immigrants don’t take jobs away from Caucasian lawyers, accountants or dentists. They steal them from the demographic group whose unemployment rate is already higher than the national average and continues to grow.

Given the damage already inflicted by the plethora of illegal workers in our country, I can’t fathom why we should feel any obligation to assimilate or educate their children. Since the Dream Act would be a nightmare for the black community, the most compassionate thing we can do is to show a little less tolerance toward those who came to America illegally.

At the very minimum, perhaps the time has come to examine how minimum-wage laws have made it beneficial for employers to hire illegal immigrants rather than American citizens.

David Hofmeister

This video is a few years old, but much of the content of what Ted Hayes speaks is what many Black People are beginning to support. Is Hayes being used by Conservatives to defeat immigration reform? Or are Liberals out to destroy him for his stance against reform? What say you?

In this video, T. Wilard Fair, the President & CEO of the Urban League of Greater Miami discusses the affect illegal immigration has on the American job market. Fair highlights the hospitality industry and how Blacks once dominated the labor force in Miami and no longer do because of immigration. He is very open and honest in regards to his opposition to illegal immigration (please view). Is Fair correct when he said that most Black People are against illegal immigration off-the-record and lack the courage to state it publicly?