In this famous scene, Kunta Kinte is whipped and refuses to accept his slave name of Toby. He was our hero and our hope of Power and Rebellion against the oppressor… they broke him (US).  My People please listen to Fiddler’s words at the end of this video, I’m still waiting for another day.

In this scene, Kunta Kinte argues with Fiddler about trying to escape the plantation again. Kinte’s spirit is a beautiful thing to watch. Look at how they programmed Fiddler to not want to be more than what the White Man says a Black Man can be.

I was a young man when this originally aired and it disturbed me because it was the first time I learned about our history in this country. I believe it shaped me tremendously to this day and I am glad my parents allowed me to view it. This was the time when I fell in love my history and MY PEOPLE. How did Roots impact you?