Political analysis Chris Matthews prediction “Republican will win the Senate.” Can be likened to Mark Twain book  “The Tale of Two Cities,” central theme. I have come to realize Democrats and Republicans combined are liken to a two-edged sword of destruction. Both sides have no clue how to go about repairing Government and making it truly representative of all people.

This is the real Tale of Two Cities…Democrats and Republicans gradually cut away access to basic human rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through misuse of citizen taxes to support America’s war machine and Foreign Aid to Americas International interests abroad, e.g. Yearly billion dollars aid to the State of Israel, The recent promise of a billion dollars aid to Ukraine and the list continues. Yet both can not agree to a “measly” over-due minimum wage raise for poverty-stricken Americans living off $350.00 a week for 40 hours work in dead in jobs. In contrast to Congressional average “taxpayer-funded” salaries of $174,000 yearly.

In the matter of Republicans winning the Senate this 2014. Republicans have garnered the edge in politics by resurrecting the “Cock-lane ghost” in its constituents White male base and Blue Dog Democrats. By offering up America’s first Black President as a “paranormal phenomena” and “Black Muslim,” bent on destroying Christian values and violating American “Patriots” (Code name for White Americans) Constitutional rights. This strategy is proving successful in a society consciously deeply rooted in racism, discrimination and oppression of its Black American citizenry civil and human rights.

Both political parties serve only in the best interest of each party political continuance in controlling American politics and directing international affairs on behalf of Corporations and Big Banks. If both parties truly served the people as well as they do Corporations and Big Banks, people lives would also be prosperous and abundantly filled with the social necessities of life. Seemingly only given to the “growing” Elite’s class in the society as always throughout history.

On Capitol Hill, State Houses and City Halls across the Nation, elected political parties members prosper and earn lifetime benefits after their careers of professional politicians. While the greater society of common Joe’s and Jane’s continually suffer from abundant social ills fed by shock news media and religious leadership social pacifying in the name of unseen Gods. The masses are lulled in a constant sleep of self-pity burden by day-to-day social problems of existence with the belief a Messiah will soon come riding on a cloud. Destroying evil men in the world then set up heaven on Earth.

So in the meanwhile common people are actually waiting for their appointed deaths to bring relief from solvable day-to-day society ills, but seasonally like the coming and going of springtime, summer, autumn, and winter politicians democrats and republicans make false promises if elected to office they can make life more pleasurable for “WE THE PEOPLE.”