“White History” Reloaded


By George F. Sanders, Robert Miranda and Edward McDonald

“…white people don’t know who they are or where they come from…and that’s why you think I’m a problem…But I am not the problem …your history is …and long as you pretend you don’t know your history you are going to be prisoner of it and there no question of you liberating me …you cannot liberate yourselves.” James Baldwin, 1986.    James Baldwin’s National Press Club Speech 1986 (copy, and/or paste) 

  Baldwin’s quote, regarding white history best illustrates how America’s history, often lied about, creates selected victims.  These scenarios were particularly reflected when17th century US whites, embraced the mythical 1845 lie of “Manifest Destiny,” to ransack Mexico, and well as 21st century whites to attack Iraq, created by a George Bush administration that used the national trauma of 9/11 to trick Americans into the gusto for war.

Mexico is larger than most European states, yet perceived as a 3rd world country by more than a few white ex-slave descendants whose ancestors were sold and shipped to Colonial America for labor during the 15th and 16th century.

Thus, the reality of how Mexico continues to be victimized comes both from America’s intrusions on its land and America’s own shame, and denials, of its own white slave history which remains an integral part of the Colonial environment for almost three hundred years. 

Mexico ends slavery; slavers take Texas

The victimization and attacks on Mexico increased after the Civil War because Mexico’s Black Indian President, Vicente Guerrero, issued Mexico’s own slavery abolition decree in 1829, over 30 years before Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.

Whites, many the generational offspring of white slaves and indentured servants, were angry about this act of humanity and its intrusion on their socioeconomic advantage created in Texas and other parts. Moreover, this allowed Texas slaveholders to take Texas out of Mexico, which helped jump-start the uncontrolled white expansion into western United States,

These accounts continue to expose the fallacious tales in history books, illustrated by 2015 presidential candidates who want to politicize discussions in their favor about immigration, and a “Wall” to separate Mexico from the US, save one candidate, whose Adolph Hitler-like approach, wants to build a larger Wall!

Most candidates, the descendants of ex-white slave American colonists and immigrants, argue about borders and walls to keep out Mexicans, and really appear to be campaigning to maintain slave-like Mexican labor that continues to harvest American veggies and cabbages.

The Wall idea is akin to an 1890 USA idea of “separate, but equal,” (later proved illegal) regarding schools and Black people. This time, a Wall, will keep out Mexicans.

It is now easier for a white European to cross the 3,700-mile Atlantic ocean and take a hike in New York’s Central Park, then for a Mexican to get to the USA. That is, unless the Mexican does slave labor picking American veggies, makes slave-wages as a house servant or being an illegal drug-peddler who with US collaboration sell his wares to drug addicted US citizens.

Mexico’s Aztec/Native American history goes back as far as 13,000 years ago, with a complex indigenous civilization, long before Spanish 16th century colonization of territories stretching as far north as Montana and all of the southwest.

Whites have lied about America, Columbus, Jamestown, Founders and the Constitution as if the events occurred within a month or two!

Jamestown became a colony in 1607, 115 years after Columbus, who in 1492, lands in the Bahamas, a thousand miles away! There he helped slaughter the Awawak Indian population, which had lived in the region for thousands of years. The Constitution, drafted in 1789, occurred almost 300 years after Columbus’ landing, 180 years after the Jamestown Colony.

British Wars help bring diseases brought to Colonies

During the early 16th century, the British war victories over Ireland and Scotland resulted in the slavery of thousands of white Irish and Scottish slaves, many shipped to the Colonies. Later, the British would forcibly take over 100,000 Irish children from their parents and sell them as slaves – many to be the ancestors of whites now living in the United States.

Thus, the current white US population contains the descendants of white slaves, indentured servants, prostitutes and other impoverished masses who were brought to the colonies, along with their infections –which included chickenpox, cholera, diphtheria, influenza,  measles, scarlet fever, typhoid, typhus, whooping cough, tuberculosis, typhus, sexually transmitted diseases, a variety of bugs, roaches, and other infectious vermin, included the dreaded Plague.

One of the results of Spaniard Herman Cortes’ invasion of Mexico and its 25 million people was its reduction to 3 million because of infectious disease.

Diseases also affected the strained relationships with the Native American Powhatan Confederacy who helped the settlers survive the first years of settlement.

They believed that the Indians should have willingly given them food. Instead, the Indians demanded supplies in exchange for food. In desperation, the settlers started stealing food that heightened tensions even more when the colonists allowed their livestock to wander into Indian farmlands. The colonists, soon with British help and superior weapons, defeated the tribe and required them to make yearly tribute payments to the English who confined them to reservations.

In 1676, a white-black armed rebellion, led by Nathaniel Bacon, a young white settler, burned down Jamestown, because of the British backed governor’s failure to address a variety of the demands of the colonists regarding their status and safety.

Later, after putting the Rebellion down, the British helped hasten the hardening of racial lines associated with slavery, as a way for planters and the colony to control the poor. This 17th century white philosophy and practice remains, throughout America’s history, an on call means to rile up America’s white “have-nots” against equality gains of non-whites.

The majority of the Colony’s population, between the 15th and 18th century, was comprised of whites, male, female and children. The Colony’s economy, with the advent of Black Chattel Slavery and “King Cotton,” jump started the Industrial Revolution and its rich economics that benefited millions of the impoverished ancestors of the USA’s current Caucasian population.

Today’s whites, while seemingly impervious about the colonial savagery heaped on their ancestors, need to be reminded of the rape perpetrated on Mexico, as well as upon other people of color.

White America’s minimizes and distorts its ancestral history, victimizing others. This sort of arrogance, often media and politically generated, creates perceptions about those who want to have their cake and eat it too.

This is not going to happen!

More over, the creation of dangerous environments, with blame focused upon the innocent, is not new as illustrated by the collapses of nations and empires since the Stone Age.

The warnings by white Abolitionists to Harriet Tubman to “Keep a Top Eye Open,” about slavers is applicable to current political candidates, some donning Sheep-like clothing.

All Americans need to be proud and respectful of both the Mexican and Native American heritages for no one can deny their being the country’s only first legitimate anchored bedrocks to any of its history, all of which predate European settlements by hundreds of years.

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