The Milwaukee Mayoral Race 2016

As we get closer to Spring Elections it is absolutely necessary to call for help. Superman where are you? Batman, Iron Man? Somebody? Yes I am Wonder Woman but there is only so much I can do and my hands are full trying to stop the violence in the Black Community. We desperately need an independent third option in Milwaukee.


Our choices are an ineffective mayor who has done nothing but rally around a freaking choo choo train that will cost so much money our great, great grandchildren will be paying for it! We need more busses for people trying to get to jobs. Screw the whole high murder rate thing and high crime rate; it is choo choo trains that preoccupy this mayor. REALLY?????


Our second choice is an alderman who all of sudden cares about Black lives. Funny he never cared until he became a mayoral candidate. Now he has a plan that most Blacks know will take us back to the Brier days. Yes I said it. He wants to return to the days of Mayor Henry Maier and Police Chief Breier. Bob Donovan has been an ineffective alderman for many years. He serves his constituents very well and will come out and try to solve their problems, but when it comes to the city he just sat there and watched the north side fall apart until he needed to do something. I see you and you are fooling no one. He even had the nerve to announce his candidacy at an Irish establishment with an Irish band. I’m sorry but when running for mayor in a racist city you would have been wise to have made that announcement at a very multicultural place that would show he was serious about being inclusive. But he didn’t. I confronted him about it, he was a complete jerk. I came to him respectfully and his response was uncalled for. He showed that he is not serious about solving anything, nor fighting racism, but he will lock up every Negro on the streets which is why police are happy to support him. They know it will be on and cracking if he became mayor.

So who would be a good third option for Milwaukee? Good question. Obviously I would throw my name in the mix but I have a background. Lord forbid!! I got in a little trouble when I had problems in my marriage and my career. I figure I will put it out there because I am proud I beat my demons. I am far from perfect but I am a damn good person and I think I would make a good mayor or assembly person!! (Hint, hint thanks Brother Sam H!)


I would seriously love it if Rebecca Kleefisch would run. She would be very good. She has helped so many businesses in the city. She even held seminars for Black women and Black businesses so they could use the state as a resource to get the assistance they need. Who does that? She did!! She has actually been doing the mayor’s job and she does it with style and grace. I love her!! So I guess that’s my pick. Move here Rebecca and save our city!! I am writing her in and I am encouraging everyone to write her in regardless of her current sitch!! (Situation-I am hip using young people lingo!! Lol)

Peace Family,

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Wonder Woman for those who are new to my world.