Black Leadership in Wisconsin… $$ouled Out Part II

souled out

With the mess in the County Executive Race there has been a lot of discussion about the lack of movement by our Black leaders especially at the state level. No one wants to point fingers because everyone hates the petty nature of the Liberal Black machine that comes with it. This is a group of wicked people who instigate childish mess. They have a stranglehold on Black Milwaukee and they never stop. This machine is fueled by mostly young folk who miss high school and have no real power other than to throw shade and destroy any true progress. They are bullies and would be otherwise unemployed if their power were taken from them. They live vicariously through our Black elected and will do anything to remain king of the castle. By any means necessary!!

No one wants to call them out because when we do, we are criticized and drowned out by the cries of sell-out and other names we are assigned because on this issue we speak truth. I may disagree with Senator Lena Taylor on many issues but I am glad that she is standing up against Chris Larson. This happened only because the two got into a squabble that was never squashed. Larson will indeed need Taylor’s help if he wants to edge passed incumbent County Executive Chris Abele. The two are neck in neck. The talk is that Senator Larson via Fred Kessler owns our Black elected. Why and how this came to be is unsure. But this is the working theory.

It is sad that it has taken this long to address our horrible choosing of Black elected. For generations with the continued smooth sailing of people like Leon Young  who will cater to the highest bidder to the new class like Mandela Barnes faithful to his “D”, these people have no real contests and could care less what is best for us!! They are happy to do status quo work and get status quo results that surely will keep them employed for another term. None of our elected at the state level, NONE of them have moved major legislation that supports our community so why do we look amazed when we are finally confronted with the fact that they are just not that into us. We expect that they will do something but at the end of the day they are all Senator Larson’s dirty little secrets. They should not have gotten into these positions so we are all to blame. We love a good looking, smooth talking suit over a Conservative or lesser known candidate because we do not want to do the work to vet who would serve us best. We rely on talk radio or print media to form our thoughts and shape what we will think.

In an effort to help shed some light on the situation I am going to provide all key Black elected who represent us at the state level. To make things less complicated here is something they all have in common, they are all Democrats!! I think we know what happened to Michigan as an end result of democratic rule. We see what it is doing and has done here in our own backyard. Will we change the status quo? I can only dream, but I believe we will air on the side of what is comfortable and familiar. No need to vote when it now seems we are owned by Larson, Kessler and their crew. Violence will continue to soar and crime increase. Our jobs will be petty and education shallow until we have the guts to face ourselves and make a serious change to who we vote into office. Like the coach that pulls out his starters until they get it right, I suggest Milwaukee vote R or vote for anyone other than these Black Democrats until they decide whose pocket they should be in. Don’t want to name names, I got you. Here is the list of our elected. Good luck with that!

Peace Family,


Wisconsin State Assembly

Mandela Barnes (D-MKE) District 11

David Bowen (D-MKE) District 10

LaTonya Johnson (D-MKE) District 17

Leon Young (D-MKE) District 16

Wisconsin State Senate

Nikiya Harris-Dodd (D-MKE) District 6

Lena Taylor (D-MKE) District 4