I attempt to learn something new, to me that is, every day of my life. The World Wide Web / internet with social media platforms expands the mingling of human relationships. The “www” makes it possible to broaden human relationship beyond immediate family, friends, and culture.
More importantly, the www is a true uncap power in the hands of common people. I utilize the www to awaken Black people specifically to the reality that human power is harnessed by Elitist to influence and control the thinking and actions of those that remain sleep by the powers of mass ignorance and institutional deceptions which maintain the Elite influence and control of the masses.
We common people must break the spells that bound us to nonsense and falsehoods, which continuously block the “Human Spirit” innate motivation for freedom, justice, and equity between all souls of the human family.
No consistent mass resistance from the people against established powers that oppress most important realities of life, as we know it, surely, condemns and perpetuate the human soul to a cloaked state of mental enslavement while the Elite’s of humanity enjoy the pleasures of life far more abundantly than us commoner’s. Common people apparently appear content with the trifles of life under the many spells cast in the too many competing ideologies designed and implemented by the Elite controlling humanity day to day living.
I am just one of many awaken-common souls with the spirit of truth clothed in my human flesh. Many that are aware and awaken to the unseen wicked forces and powers that control all principalities that dictate human affairs and events on earth apparently are not aware of the spirit of truth that dwells in certain individual souls (past and present) that drives and compels a soul to speak and act courageously against identified manners of falsehoods when others don’t, and others’ can not comprehend the motivation of one’s speaking truth to falsehoods.
We the awaken see the great and awesome possibility of the proper utilization of the World Wide Web, in the hands of common people all over the planet and likewise the wick among us, especially the Elite see the WWW as a tool to control and further their mass production and designs of nonsense and falsehoods.
I’ am just one “Mensch”that will continue to speak truth to falsehood regardless to whom or what oppose what I am compel to reveal.