Reality Check America – The “slavery wound” of the Black American experience has never been healed. It has been festering the past 460 years.

The American society can not get past it because of the constant pain in our (Black people – recognized or unrecognized by the Black individual) souls as men, women and children living in this society due to not having received (YET) “Divine Providence Correction for Enslavement,” and respect from this nation citizens, as the people, that are the building foundation of this nation, regardless of the human crime of slavery, as the main factor.

We as a people in this society deserve all due respect from all other races and ethnic groups that have come freely / migrated from other lands.

Until the American government’s correct it hands in the great human tragedy of America’s past slave institution selectively – dehumanizing our “Forced Parents,” for 350 years – there will be NO PEACE between the races and ethnic groups in the American society.

I purposely find NO GLORY in these repeated slave era movies, Jim Crow era, and Civil Rights era – Hollywood theatrics. Designed to entertain the Black masses and remind the racist minded White masses that they are still to this day superior then the Black masses – the White person awareness is label “White Privilege.”

Furthermore, White European slaves earned their freedom by fighting for their slave-masters (Landowners / Plantations) in the 13 American Colonies, against Great Britain during the Revolutionary War.

Why doesn’t Hollywood make a movie about the tens of thousands of Irish and Scots, children included, captured from their lands in Europe then forcibly enslaved by British Whites – in the established British Colonies in America during the 1500’s and 1600’s?

I know the answer to this question. And once a Black person realizes the impact of the answer on America’s White racist society – the Black person – will never accept, overlook, or simply let pass foul treatment from any White American and the government in their day to day living.

Most importantly, “Us Black People,” must dogmatically begin taking the control of our group power, political influence, and economic input and output in all social institutions of this society or it will continue the repeated saga of JUST ANOTHER SLAVE MOVIE!