bill and bill

Not here to tell you who to vote for…just here to talk about something that makes me wonder what some of US are thinking. Please allow me to ask you what is the difference (I know Clinton is White, Cosby is Black) between the accusations that both of these so-called great men?

Today, Bill Cosby is in a pre-trial hearing in a Pennsylvania court and faces three counts of felony indecent assault from a 2004 case involving Andrea Constand. For more than a year, his good name, deeds and causes have been severely tarnished (probably deserved) over accusations of sexual misconduct, rape and drugging women against their will. Cosby has been publicly and professionally ruined regardless of the outcome of this legal battle. Some of Cosby’s accusers and the alleged incidents date back as early as the mid-1960’s.

Bill Clinton is a Free Willy (excuse the pun) going coast-to-coast campaigning for his wife Hillary amid his past sexual transgressions becoming part of the public discourse once again. Clinton has been accused of rape (see Juanita Broaddrick), settled out of court for $850,000 in 1998 over a sexual assault case (see Paula Jones), accused of sexual assault in the Oval Office (see Kathleen Willey) and carried on a sexual relationship with a White House Intern in the White House (see Monica Lewinsky) and lied about it under oath leading to his impeachment! These 4 Clinton incidents date back to the 1990’s all while he was in the White House as the POTUS.

Let me ask you Black People that are Democrats/Liberals…why are you supporting Bill Clinton and not Dr. Cosby? Why is one man’s past allowed to remain untouched while another’s has been used to champion fairness for women’s rights? Shouldn’t there be equal treatment and voracious scrutiny by the media and critical thinkers and truth tellers?

My call is for Black People and all People to be critical thinkers.