The host of the Young Turks does a great job of explaining the term “Super Predator” and how it was used in the 1990’s to describe Black Kids. WE stood by and let your future president describe our children as no longer kids but as animals. And yet, 90% of my people are in love with her and are going to vote for her?

Let me ask you this Black People, do liberals like the term “illegal aliens”? No, they make you know quick to say “undocumented workers” because our brown brothers and sisters would be offended. The Clintons signed off on the crime bill that incarcerated so many of our Black Nation and we love this modern day Bonnie and Clyde???

Peace to the young sister-soldier for this 1-person protest in the following clip. Listen to the voices…sounds like a Black Woman saying this is “inappropriate” to the young sister.

Wake up family.