While just elected, alleged career “Lap Hound” Alderman, Cavalier Johnson, who has not been in office six months, vote for Rocky Marcoux’s reappointment to City Development Commissioner was expected, Russell Stamper II’s support for the racist Marcoux, and his anti-Inner City posture was not expected.

But “Hurrah,” for Black council members Chantia Lewis and Khalif Rainey, who voted against Marcoux.

Highlighting the show was a consistent community conscientious Ald. Tony Zielinski, who may know that Marcoux is an outright bigot, racist fraud whose best talent has been ripping off federal government dollars by using the poverty of the city’s poor.

Zielinski wasted no time beating up on Marcoux, recalling how the, “The African American male unemployment rate is one of the highest in the country; you look at the central city—what’s happening? What type of major projects has he done there?”

Answer: None

Have Cavalier Johnson and Russell Stamper II been sleeping?

It would be one thing if bigot Marcoux were some sort of falling out-of-the-sky, “Chicken Little,” type acorn simultaneously hitting both Stamper and Johnson, thus their twin-huddling around Marcoux as if he were some sort of Inner City Messiah perpetually appointed by Mayor Tom Barrett.

One might remember the last qualified, honest DCD commissioner was Ricardo Diaz, now assigned to the Housing Authority, to help reestablish its creditability after it “lost” $83 million of Westlawn Redevelopment funds.

Diaz ought be on the short list to replace Marcoux as during his tenure the city had the most minority classified building and construction craftsmen than any time in its history. The man was too good and was replaced by a corrupt John Norquist.

So replacing the symbolic “Ass Kissing” tendencies surrounding Marcoux’s tenure as Commissioner, such as former Black Ald. Joe Davis, ought not be too difficult in efforts to eliminate the bigoted, racist environment instrumented out of the Milwaukee’s City Hall.

Then, boot out corrupt Barrett, and through a special election scoot Zielinski in as mayor. Vote out her highness, Gwen Moore, elect James Hall to Congress, and keep a “top eye” on Antonio Riley and sic the dogs on Gary Grunau.

George F. Sanders “Keep a Top-Eye Open”; Abolitionist warning to Harriet.