To My Beloved Community,

It is very necessary to vote in this primary August 9th. Currently, we have the lowest representation in government. This needs to change post haste! We complain ad nauseam. We march in vain. We make craptacular memorials. Still we do not get up off our collective asses to vote into office Black officials, especially those who will definitely get to Walker and those who vilify our very existence.

For some time people thought that after Obama our community would begin to embrace voting and make it a habit. They would see how easy it was, they would feel some sort of pride, and they would garner others to vote. Well none of those things came to fruition. The whites continues to exact their revenge on us. They know we will continue to do nothing.

Our schools are being taken over by whites who live far from Milwaukee. Our streets are being taken over by racist cops that are egomaniacal and full of themselves, so much so they shoot to kill instead of just stopping a “suspect.” Driving While Black is very much in effect and white elected engage in back room meetings to create laws, ordinances, and policies designed to keep us from getting any relief.


Why not march your lazy ass to a voting poll instead of getting on TV looking like a damn fool crying out for justice? Well my beloved community, justice starts at the voting poll. It is past time that we start putting all that rage into this sorry corrupt system we are very much a part of. Things will not turn around until we insert ourselves at the collective table and represent!!

So I say all that to hope and pray that all the things we are experiencing will motivate someone, somewhere to vote and bring one more with you. How hard can that be? Well judging by past elections, excluding the Obama election, it must be a daunting task. They laugh at us and we still do nothing. They enforce bogus Voter ID laws and we say how horrible. We do nothing. Someone comes out and says Voter ID was meant to stop us. Someone comes out and says redistricting was meant to stop us. Instead of proving them wrong we do nothing. How sad and shameful. They all but told us the system was rigged and we go along with the status quo. 87,000 families in MPS depend on us to make a change. We refuse and now a single white man will decide our fate and close “failing” schools.

People say nothing will ever change. Whites are banking on that sentiment. With all the senseless violence and crime going on in our beloved community, one would think we would come out and in action create truth to power. I have hope for our beloved community. I have much love for our beloved community. I will never give up on our beloved community. Please, please, please, this next Tuesday August 9th, let our voice be heard, magnified and uplifted. If you do not vote, do not tell me about how your child was struck by a bullet, or your son was killed by a dirty cop. If you do not vote, do not tell me about how you were victimized at the hands of the whites. Spare me the tired tears, ramblings, and “outrage.” Justice and fairness only come by taking this one right very seriously. I will spare you the fact that others died for your right to vote because frankly you do not care judging by the lack of numbers at the poll.

Fam, please represent and do what needs to be done. We have many candidates on the ballot this primary election cycle. We need to elect them into office. We need Black representatives replacing white racists who have done nothing for us. We need to show up and decide it is time for change.

Peace Family,


“Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.”

~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.