#NPR asked, What’s it like being a Black man living in the City of Milwaukee? http://to.pbs.org/2b6tMAs #BLKinMKE
My answer to the question if asked, “It depends on the mindset and social-cultural awareness of the Black man, woman, or child. 
If you are a Black man with a “go-getter and healthy self-reliance mindset,” the skies are the limit which you set but with many racial hurdles to transgress (It comes with the segregational environment inherited in this wicked City and the rest of America inner cities where Black citizens predominately live). 
If you are a Black man, woman or child that develops (In many cases with children involved – taught by another) a criminal mindset, low educational attainment (Less than a H.S. Diploma) and lacking good morals chances are greater in this political corrupted city, you will be a visitor with extended stay’s at one of Wisconsin Penal Institutions, all with revolving cage doors…
Not one Black man interviewed mention that Milwaukee City Hall creates and maintains the City (North and South sides) ill and destructive social conditions that exist in the city.
george1  By George Sanders
Each of the locally known Black men interviewed in this video, do not realize my answers exist or are just towing the Nations Liberal / Democratic Agenda (knowingly or unknowingly)…It IsWhat It Is!