we_must-_end_thisOur Native Brothers and Sister’s fought well this day but the battle is not over for them to protect their sovereignty here in America. Black America our battle for justice, fairness, and unbias equity with others here in America continues also.

If you don’t learn or don’t know your “race history,” dealings with other races especially those that have historical facts of being THE enemy of your particular race. You and your future children are doom to repeat the negative effects in your race past history with the enemy and his/her future children e.g. Jewish people teach and educate their children “Never Again.”

Black people on the other hand all over the planet have freely permitted their “children and- future children’s” to be educated and learned by the people / race that has a bonafide history of oppressing and murdering their race kind and kindred the past 1000 years.

This is a sad reality concerning today’s Black man, woman, and child. The above-posted picture exposes the mental overall state of blindness, deafness, and dumbfounded social status of Black people across the planet.

It’s long overdue for the Black man, woman, and child to wake-up from this living nightmare. And it is a certainty the White race and its many ethnic groups and religious dogmas are not responsible for waking our people up from the nightmare.

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