American White Supremacy high-tech misinformation, miseducation, and false propaganda social machinations to and against all American citizens since the American Constitution was ratified between 1776 to 1780  TODAY controls the thinking of 85% of Black Americans and also sad is it controls 85% of White Americans by cleverly hiding members (Thousands of Irish and Scotish people) of the White race enslaved during the era of Great Britain 13 Colonies established and operated on the Eastern shores of this once great wilderness.
This group of Black and White people “The 85 Percenters,” don’t have a clue to the root of racism and when the seed was firmly planted in North and South Americas simply because the truth is hidden from them as was it from me during my 12 years of former public education.
And if you the readers don’t realize or know for a certainty from whence racism came into existence here in the Americas please fact check, the history of America when tens of thousand of White slaves (Irish and Scots) slave-ed side by side with Black slaves on plantations and in business owners private homes (Big House) in all of the 13 Colonies.
White slaves were granted freedom and civic rights soon after the end of the Revolution War with Great Britain…Fact check, this statement if you don’t believe it coming from this descendant from captured Black people which were forced into enslavement for a grossly period of 300 years here in America.
In fact, the US Constitution legally formalized the American Institution of Enslaving Black people, exclusively in the land. On the other hand, America enacted the illegality in the land and its territories to hold / enslave White people of all ethnicity’s as slaves.Featured Image -- 13068
My point here is, I appreciate White protestors act of condemning the American society at large, consistency of oppressing Black people and suppressing Black Americans natural human progress with establishing unity with self and kind. Just like, other races and ethnic groups display within their communities / cultures, and these others are allowed unhindered from doing so by American governments and its social institutions. White people activism against American oppression of Black Americans is just a small social jester with no power to change the reality of Black people’s oppression in the society.
It will take an Act(s) of Congress to reverse and begin the real healing of Black people in this wicked society. What type of Act(s)? A truthful Act / Law establishing reconciliation in the overall society for Black American citizens.
Secondly, Enact a rational / legal form of reparations paid to the millions of descendants of former Black slaves / Black forced parents that survived the horrors of the United States unique practice of chattel slavery designed to eliminate Black slaves innate / created humanity.
Black people until the true living descendants of Black slaves by “Divine Order of Providence,” which governs human conduct and establishes proper relationships between men and women,” are rightfully offered and given repatriation in name and religion / culture, and compensated for the unpaid labor and mass murders of Black resisting enslavement and later Jim Crow Laws – We will continue in present day social oppression and acts similar to Professional Football Player Colin Kaepernick and Olympic Gymnast Gabby Douglas will emerge in this wicked society every generation (40 year lapses) or so.
Closing Note...The misnomer “African American,” actually has no binding legality to former Black slaves. The convoluted social term serves to redirect the social identity of the true descendants (children) of former x Black slaves are today. So when you hear or read about the Moorish Society or Black Hebrew Israelites and other such groups like Black Fraternity Orders claiming “National Sovereignty,” in the Americas before White people came to these lands many of these Black people may indeed be descendants of the thousands of Free Black men, women, and children during slavery times -1555 to 1865 – having no bloodline – that was ever enslaved here in America.
Which legally they have “NO RIGHTS'” or present day justifiable demands against the American Government and Corporations (Corporations that profited from the American Institution of Slavery) to pay and enact REPARATIONS and COMPENSATION to the living descendants – counted in the tens of millions today – of Black People Emancipated in 1865, and those Black slaves that prior to the emancipation purchased their freedom and family freedom from slave masters.