I stand corrected, the “Movie Birth of A Nation,” by Actor and Director Nate Parker, It is not “just another slave movie.” Though I, personally remain critical of the title because it tags and reminds the present racist White society of the 1915 White racist silent epic movie Birth of A Nation (originally titled the Clansman) which glamorized America’s Jim Crow Laws which still influence today’s national racist viewpoint which today still limits and discourages Black Americans collective participation in the American society – this racist heart beat continues today…dredscottportrait_0

Nate Parker reasons for usurping the title – Birth of A Nation – remains an open question to me though after viewing the movie at a local cinema house I have self-rationalized possible supportive reasons why Nate Parker titled his movie creation the same.

Nate Parker, ‘Birth of A Nation’ revealed the mental awakening of the historical Nat Turner mental development and spiritual obligation to take the reigns of Black liberation / leadership in his hands. First by freeing his mind and others from mental slavery which ultimately lead up to a violent rebellion against local White slave owners followed by laying down his life at the end of a hangman rope but realizing beforehand he and others challenged the impossible odds of uniting all local captive Black slaves to rise up alongside him against White slave owners in 1831. Nate Parker revealed Nat Turner revolt was objectively comparable to three decades later (1861) when history experienced the American Civil War.

Whereas Northern White men raised up together to fight a bloody Civil War against Southern White men April 12, 1861. White southerners innate racist desires were to hold Blacks in a state of mental niggerisms and physically maintain Black people in all Southern States perpetually enslaved for untold future generations in America Southern societies including newly acquired Western Territories. Nat Turner and his courageous comrades in arms determined similarly like Northern Whites that the proliferation of slavery in the US must be destroyed.

Here we are today Black America where too many descendants of x Black slaves still suffer from mental niggerisms and self-hatred manifested in today’s Black communities which experience oppressively disproportionate rates of a variety of social ills, all manners of criminal activity, and group self-destruction in the American society. Nat Turner 1831 slave rebellion was an act of great defiance against the greater White racist , institution of slavery.

In this Black man mind, Nate Parker 2016 movie ‘Birth of A Nation’ is consistent with the present state of Black America remaining in need of a revolt not physical but a mental revolt. The descendants of x Black slaves remain subjects of mental slavery and have yet to set themselves free of the collective mind and actions of niggerisms. Rebelling against self-hatred is the duty / obligation of Black America, not White America. The late Black Revolutionary Poet, Gil Scott-Heron coined the saying  “The revolution will not be televised,” meaning, Black America’s revolution can only occur in the minds and civil actions of the descendants of x Black slaves.

Ending note…I recommend Nate Parker movie worthy of viewing for all Americans. Especially by Black American Christian followers / believer’s having faith in the teachings and principles of the Bible similar to that of Nat Turner. Black Christians step out of your religious houses not for the sake to be entertainment but to conceptualize why the historical Nat Turner faith and belief in God made him a Black Christian Warrior determine to release and free Black slaves from American slavery. Black Americans today suffer from the mental bondage of niggerisms and must be set free from this self-hatred, if you determine to aid in the mental liberation of Black America you must first liberate your mind like Nat Turner spiritual obligation lead him to set his mind free and his people minds free, TM.