Meade 2

Six years ago, Milwaukee was hit by what one can only describe as an explosion in the form of a fearless Black Man from Philadelphia, PA residing in Atlanta, GA. His name is Frederick Alexander Meade. He is a renowed writer, educator, philosopher and crusader of justice for his people and the oppressed throughout the world.

On Sept. 9, 2010, Brother Meade made his debut on the now defunct radio station 1290 WMCS Evening Rush Show hosted by Earl Ingram. It was a matter of minutes before Black Talk Radio was changed and with it, the city of Milwaukee fell in love with the gifted orator. He quickly became “must listen” and would have a 2-hour time slot with Ingram titled Mondays with Meade.

The Drum is fortunate to have exclusive access to many of Meade’s commentaries and we feel his words need to be heard once again in Milwaukee. Please visit our Frederick Alexander Meade Audio page for more of his social commentary. We will also begin to feature his commentaries in future posts.

Here is the very first appearance of Brother Meade on the radio airwaves. Meade slays the sacred cow which is that Black People should never criticize the Black President and make demands of him. Remember, this was just 21 months into his 1st term. Listen, listen, listen…and tell us what you think about what he said in 2010 and also, 6 years later, was he correct or wrong?

  • Listen to a caller named Frank bring up NAFTA and Bill Clinton.
  • Listen as Brother Meade when he brings up how the President can address police brutality.