Author: Matthew C. Stelly

November 9, 2016

Every election cycle I end up getting into debates with people about the power of the black vote. Each time I give my views and these pro-system “negroes” react as if I’ve insulted their mothers. They believe in the vote, they talk about “black votes matter” and despite my plethora of historical examples that prove the contrary, they nevertheless cling onto their Linus blankets and those other artificial and absurd means of false security and solace and continue to register other black people, promote the “change” that the votes will bring – the coming of a chariot called equality never arrives.

The fact is, I don’t expect to change people’s minds. I can look around and see what their minds and actions have produced.

I merely state my position, which is an informed one, and then watch it bounce off of one forehead after another. If Hillary had won there would have been a war with Russia. Because Trump won and his homoerotically attracted to Vladimir Putin, the war will continue to be against brown people. A race war – akin to the one that Trump plans on starting right here.

I recall a scene from one of my favorite movies, “The Great White Hope.” Heavyweight champ Jack Johnson (James Earl Jones) is walking into a large club in New Orleans with his girlfriend, a white woman named Ellie. As they exit their coach arm and arm, a black man named Scipio (Moses Gunn) cuts them off and lectures Johnson as a traitor to his people and concludes, “Look atcha – thinkin’ youz a natural man.”

This is akin to what I see when people who are supposedly intelligent keep trying to prove the unprovable when it comes to the black vote and how it “matters.” As I posed when I lambasted the Black Lives Matter movement a year ago, who does the black vote matter to? And now does it matter? Let’s take a look at the track record.

Back in the day black people who were enslaved were counted as 3/5 of a human being.The Three-Fifths Compromise was a compromise reached between delegates from southern states and those from northern states during the 1787 United States Constitutional Convention. The debate was over whether, and if so, how, slaves would be counted when determining a state’s total population for legislative representation and taxing purposes. The issue of how to count slaves split the delegates into two groups. The northerners regarded slaves as property who should receive no representation. Southerners demanded that Blacks be counted with whites. The compromise clearly reflected the strength of the pro-slavery forces at the convention. The “Three-fifths Compromise” allowed a state to count three fifths of each Black person in determining political representation in the House.

Fast forward and black people were still battling to vote.

When Trump whined that the system was “rigged” he was right: but it was rigged against black people. Back in the day we had to take literacy tests in order to vote – that sometimes included memorizing the entire Constitution. There was the “eight box system” where whites knew which box to cast their votes in, but blacks had to choose the right one. Put another way: your vote didn’t count.

Now we have the Voting Rights Act which wasn’t even passed until 1965, supposedly to prohibit racial discrimination in voting. Congress has had to amend it five times in order to expand its protections. Now what you have is what I see as a national version of the Hollywood casting couch: the people being elected are liars who claim to be about change but in this country’s climate, they are basically warmongers hankerin’ to get a war started. If not that, then long-time check kiters who go to Washington for perks, payments and poontang.

In my view, if black votes mattered we’d be able to see some semblance of progress. Have we? Even when black politicians are elected into office, look at what happens and look at the caliber of the ones who are elected. You need look no further than your own city of Omaha to have examples of the poor choices you’ve made over the 36 years since Sen. Chambers got district elections passed. His argument was that black representation would improve things for North Omaha. Ernie did his job. So what happened to the “black votes” that you claimed “mattered”?

Black votes matter to the people who get paid to convince you that black votes matter. There is no tangible evidence other than isolated cases like Senator Chambers, which only proves my point. What are you going to do when he steps down? Since most of you believe in the myth, you’re going to vote for someone who is going to do what the power brokers tell him to do. Omaha’s black politicians are not innovators; they’re ritualists. Just like your ministers.

Black votes matter? Let’s take a look at this past Presidential contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Trump v. Clinton

Do black votes really matter? Well if you believe that, then take some of the blame for what you just ushered into office. And now that you didn’t get your choice of what you saw as “the lesser of the two evils,” don’t blame the white man. After all, your vote “matters,” remember?

Here’s what you’ve got: someone in office who knows racism when he sees it. He organized around it; a veritable national campaign of ultra-right wing, frustrated rednecks. He knew what he was doing because he knows that history shows that the white female redneck is going to stand by her man. So they hid the secret from the news people and the pollsters, duping them into thinking that they were divulging their information. Only black people are media-hungry enough to do that.

Then, after he did that, he personalized racism and had people thinking that he was the worst of the worst. How could he be? In my manuscript Trump As White Male Prototype, I document how he is the rule, not the exception. From Washington to Eisenhower to Nixon Ford and Clinton: none of them did black people any favors. Black votes matter? Oh, like they did when negroes were going around claiming Clinton was “the first black president”? All the while he was denying his half-black child and putting more black kids in prison than anyone before him.

Black votes matter, huh? Trump knew that they didn’t. He walked into a black church and told your so-called “religious leaders” that black people are doing worse now than they were during slavery! That is what he said. Then he told the American public a lie that if you live in Chicago and you walk to the store to get a loaf of bread, you’ll get shot. Fanning those fears of racists, just like the school desegregation efforts did.

After scapegoating black people he insulted Mexicans by having the nerve to use the word “rape.” And yet when he admitted that he had sexually assaulted numerous women, those “fans” of his stood by him. And you figured that the Hillary option was better. But remember: she called black youth “super predators” and was right there with her husband Bill when he assaulted Monica Lewinsky, numerous other women, and locked up all those black males. She was right there.

Black votes matter, huh? The stereotyped view that if you give black people some music to dance to they’ll dance to your tune was made evident with the appearances of Beyonce and Jay-Z. She ushered in Pharrell Williams and Obama was running around the country promoting the very message that Trump had anticipated: a black man that insulted him earlier and who he despised, backing his enemy. Remember the words of the redneck: “The key to the classroom is the key to the bedroom.”

Trump played you like a fiddle – and so did Hillary. After she got obliterated, they tried to blame “the urban turnout” (or lack thereof) for her loss. See? You can’t win for losing. This angry white man who probably got his butt kicked by some bruthas back in the day ain’t gonna forget all this. He’s got the mindset of a scatter-brained old woman: he believes in payback, no matter how long it takes. You can believe that every individual and institution that “dogged” him is going to get it back in spades (no pun intended).

This is a man who came a hair’s breadth away from admitting that he would “date” his own daughter. He did it on live television. Nobody said anything about that. How about all those discrimination cases against him – like the Omaha Public Schools he didn’t want any black people around his facilities. What about that? And with one fourth of the world being Muslims, how can he have the gall to insult that religious group?

You may say, “That’s why we voted for his opponent.” Listen to me: she’s not his “opponent.” She’s his clone! She’s not saying “get off the throne of oppression; she’s saying scoot over, let me show you how it’s done!” That child and family history stuff is the same façade that Omaha uses as it hides behind buzz words like “diversity,” “community engagement,” “multiculturalism,” “cultural competency” and “equity.” It’s a stepping stone sham to round up and seduce those they seek to control. You fall for it and come back with “black votes matter.” And that’s the new “vicious cycle” that people of color have to face in the 21st century as the country gets increasingly brown and black.

Black votes matter? What matters more is study and research, and I don’t see many of you engaged in THESE actions! Your kids are hooked on I-Phones, not phonics; on video games, not volumes of history books; and on silly fashions aimed at blurring the line between male and female. And you’re falling for it, just like you fell for this “American Dream” crap.

Take a look at that map of the final results of the election. Nearly all red – that means nearly all Trump supporters. Remember, these are the same states that, on some level, have programs that promote “equity” and/or “diversity.” But the key word that links them all together, regardless of location, is the word “tolerance.”

These people are still boasting that ‘racial tolerance’ should be a goal. Well that is just what Trump has practiced and promoted. To “tolerate” someone means to “put up with them”; it doesn’t mean you care about them. From Nebraska and Texas to Florida and Montana, states are filled with “tolerance” for Black and Brown people. But when it comes to personal contact and concern, pay close attention to the option they chose and the lever they pulled. You and your “black vote” that “mattered” so much were not even passing thoughts.

Black votes matter? It’s a nice idealistic, somewhat utopian thought. It would be nice. But the world of reality trumps your emotional wants and needs. Feelings, however noble, are not the kinds of facts or foundations on which to build a worldview and a strategy for struggle. And that is the key: black people act as if the struggle for human dignity is over. Trump was able to make those comments about “inner cities” because far too many black people wanted to believe them to be true. Far too many black men refuse to stand up because they fear losing a paycheck or not getting the next federal grant. And so if black people don’t matter, if black lives don’t matter (which America shows us every day, hence the existence of ghettos and barrios), then how in the hell could black VOTES matter?

As is always the case, we rarely feel any real “change” when this country transitions from one president to the next. Those changes are for those who are considered citizens and who don ‘t need affirmative action, civil rights, equal employment opportunity and other “programs” in order to be deemed Americans. Black people are so starved for acceptance that far too often we have called into question our own humanity. And you can see it all around Omaha. Ask yourself: does North Omaha look better today in 2016 than it did in 1977?

Why is the case even with election by district and “black representation”? If black votes “mattered” would this be the case? You selected these individuals so the question is, did black lives in North Omaha matter enough for them to work to defend and develop the community?

Trump told you what the majority of people in this nation feel about you, and you didn’t want to believe it. Hillary patronized the black and brown communities and, like her husband before her, made promises he couldn’t keep. The Affordable Care Act is not the only thing that is going to be “repealed” in the years ahead. Trump is only the second president in history to marry a woman not born in this country. The question is not whether or not Trump is going to “rebuild the infrastructure,” a $3 trillion undertaking in and of itself. The question is, how many of those jobs are going to go to black and brown contractors and workers?

While movies about super heroes and alien invasions generate hundreds of millions of dollars we don’t understand that these profits are a reflection of where the minds of the American people are. Trump’s election should be viewed the same way. “Tolerance” is not acceptance, and the positions of the races are the same as they were during enslavement. If the positions are the same, then the relationships could not have changed much, since the offspring of the owners are still in control of the offspring of the owned.

I’ve heard people claiming they are going to leave Omaha and go somewhere else. Here’s the problem: you’re going to take what you are with you so the problems you have will persist. Look around: everyone is working around North Omaha except North Omahans. Your kids are being abandoned by school superintendents and the local community college is growing because OPS admits that graduates can’t cut it at UNO or other four year schools.

The writing is on the wall. Trump is not the problem and neither are the millions who voted for him. It’s the American mentality. For most of the past century, the United States has wallowed in the complacency of what I call cultural myopia, firmly convinced that it is not important for us to understand other views, languages or cultures, since much of the world speaks English and they’re all trying to emulate us anyway.

Congress remains the way it is because of the system. The military’s role is directed by that same system as are the actions of the police – which by the way are going to intensify under Trump’s “law and order” campaign. And you talk about your belief that “black votes matter”? All the yard signs and posters in the world can’t make that maxim into a reality because America is race-conscious and this election proves it with a vengeance.

The next four years will tell the tale. Let’s see how much the “black vote mattered.”